Hey Ram! (India) 2000

AKA: – Oh God!
Country: India
Year: – 2000
Language: Tamil
Subtitles: English
Genre: History Drama, Action, Romance
Duration: – 2 hours 50 minutes
Director: – Kamal Hassan
Cast: – Kamal Hassan, Sharukh Khan, Rani Mukharjee, Vasundhara Das, Nasarudheen Shaw, Hema Malini,
Best Review
“Hey Ram” is a controversial bilingual Tamil and Hindi film written, directed and produced by Kamal Haasan and he also starred as the protagonist in the film. A period drama told in flashback, the semi-fictional plot centres around India’s Partition and the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by the Hindu extremist Nathuram Godse.
The film is about a protagonist’s journey from religious hatred to love with the theme of the partition of Bengal in the background. Its relevance in the present Indian environment clouded by religious extremism was widely unrecognized. This is the story of Saket Ram, as narrated by his grandson. The film takes place as Ram, a retired archeologist, lies on the deathbed, on 6 December 1999, the 7th anniversary of the destruction of Babri Mosque in Ayodhya.  The film was a treat to eyes through it’s visual effects and amazing acting by Kamal Hassan & Sharukh Khan.
The film won many national & international awards and was chosen as India’s official entry to the Oscars to be considered for nomination in the Best Foreign Film category for the year 2000.

Padikathavan (India) 2009

AKA: – Uneducated Man
Country: India
Year: – 2009
Language: Tamil
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Action, Romance
Duration: – 2 hours 30 minutes
Director: – Suraaj
Cast: – Dhanush, Tamannaah, Vivek, Suman, Prathap Pothan, Atul Kulkarni
Radhakrishnan alias Rocky is the youngest son of an auditor in Chennai. In the family of intellectuals, Rocky is unique. He has been attempting for several years to pass his matriculation examinations. This invites the wrath of his father. Inspired by one of his friend’s suggestion that he love a well-educated girl and marry her, Rocky begins his search for one. He comes across Gayathri, an aeronautical student. As usual after ‘cat and mouse game’, Rocky wins over Gayathri’s heart. Unfortunately a group of goons from Andhra Pradesh come after her. Gayathri gets rescued by her father Samarasinha Reddy, a rich and an influential man in Andhra Pradesh. She is forced to go to her native by father. Meanwhile, Rocky begins his journey in search of his beloved. When he lands in Andhra Pradesh, he is thrown open to many challenges and surprises. He starts to fight unknown enemies. How he clears the hurdles in his journey to wedlock his beloved forms the climax.

ROGUE (India) 2007

AKA: – Pokkiri
Country: India
Year: – 2007
Language: Tamil
Subtitles: English
Genre: Action, Thriller, Romance
Duration: – 2 hours 39 minutes
Director: – PrabhuDeva
Cast: – Vijay, Asin, Prakash Raj, Napolean, Nassar, Vadivelu, Brindra Parekh


Pokkiri is a 2007 Tamil action-thriller film directed by Prabhu Deva. The city of Chennai is rife with nefarious activities of land mafia. There are two rival gangs: one under Ali Bhai who resides in Dubai and controls the operation through his capos. Guru, Loggu and Mona. The other gang is operated by local goon Narasiman who operates in the Port areas. Both threaten builders and land owners into giving them hafta/protection money or real estate property, through means of force, extortion or murder.

Mohamed Maideen Khan arrives as the new Commissioner of Chennai and starts cracking on goons in the city. Thamizh, a local goon who will kill anyone, anytime given the money is good, being chased by Loggu and his henchmen. Tamizh has taken a contract from Narasiman to beat up Loggu, which he does successfully. Impressed by his ability, Guru invites Tamizh to join Ali Bhai’s gang. Tamizh declines the offer stating that he does not work for any gang, but is ready to do anything, given enough money. Meanwhile, Tamizh encounters Shruthi when he visits his friend’s father’s aerobics class. He is bowled over by her beautiful face, though she disregards him as a thug. Shruthi, a college going student, lives with her widowed mother and younger brother. Body Soda, is a cowardly kung fu master who lives next-door to Shruthi and is trying to win her heart, but has had trouble doing so. Sub inspector Govindan, is a corrupt, perverted officer in the colony where Tamizh and Shruthi live. He goes hand in glove with the land mafia, often helping them out in their activities. He is also on the payroll of Ali Bhai. He is also a lecherous man, whose eye falls on Shruthi and he decides to make her his mistress. Tamizh’s first assignment with Ali Bhai’s gang is to kill a member of Narasiman’s gang. However, police show up at the spot where Tamizh and the other gangsters are waiting for the kill Tamizh. A series of thrilling actions follows.
Prabhu Deva remade this action thriller film again in Hindi as Wanted (2009).

I AM A FLY (India) 2012

AKA: – Naan Ee
Country: India
Year: – 2012
Language: Tamil, Telugu
Genre: fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Duration: 2 hours 9 minutes
Director: S.S.Rajamouli
Cast: – Naani, Samantha, Sudeep, Santhanam
“Naan Ee” is a 2012 Indian Tamil Fictional film written and directed by S. S. Rajamouli. It is an escapist, comic book like fantasy film, with lot of state of the art Visual effects which works big times as it is pure entertainment. An ordinary housefly is the hero of this movie.
Naani, the young-at-heart hero is killed off by the omnipotent Villain, Sudeep in a move of frustration for not being able to sleep with his ladylove, Bindu. Later that night, his restless spirit makes its way into the egg of an unborn housefly. When the egg hatches, he’s reincarnated as a housefly. His aim is not so simple…Take revenge!
It’s funny how a tiny housefly can create such chaos in the life of a powerful, corrupt businessman. The Fly’s edge lies in its shortcomings.
Upon release, it received rave reviews and was an unusual and overwhelming success. The movie has also earned a place as one of the all time best earners in overseas markets.

I Am God (India) 2009

AKA: Naan Kadavul
Country: India
Year: 2009
Language: Tamil
Genre: Drama, Action
Duration: 2 hour 12 minutes
Director: Bala
Cast:- Arya, Pooja, Rajendran, KrishnaMoorthi,
“Naan Kadavul” is a 2009 Indian Tamil film co-written and directed by Bala, based on the Tamil novel “Yezhaam Ulagam” by Jayamohan who also penned the dialogues for the film. The film, which had been in making for over three years, was finally released on 6 February 2009, received rave reviews and critical acclaim, winning two National Film Awards, including the Best Director Award for Bala, and three Tamil Nadu State Film Awards.
The movie is about a man who believes that he is the Almighty and confers upon himself the right to decide the death and rebirth or otherwise of a soul. A complex concept and it requires a craftsman of Bala’s accomplishment and persistence to execute it. The film explores a world and people that are largely unknown to most of us.
Rudran, a fourteen-year-old boy, is abandoned by his father to grow up amidst the madmen and mendicants in the holy city of Varanasi. He falls in with a tantric sect and becomes an aghori—not just a holy man but a ganja-devouring god in the flesh, able to mete out divine justice. His story becomes entwined with a group of lepers and wretches held captive by an evil gang lord. The story notches up its physical and emotional violence when Rudran goes head-to-head with the gang lord, and ultimately shows us that even the gods, in their infinite mercy, can be supremely cruel.
Naan Kadavul – Brutal depiction of a world unknown.

Anytime Anywhere (India) 2011

AKA: Engeyum Eppothum
Year: 2011
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Genra: Romance, Drama
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Director: M.Saravanan
Cast: Jai, Sharvanand, Ananya, Anjali, Sarwa
The film illustrates two love stories (one set against the backdrop of Chennai, between Vinay and Amudha and the other in Tiruchi, between Kathiresan and Manimegalai) which join together in the climax.
It revolves around a group of passengers traveling in two different buses, each having their own past and a reason for their travel. Kathiresan is a responsible young person who works as a mechanic and secretly loves his neighbour Manimegalai, but Manimegalai is an extremely practical girl and believes that love alone doesn’t suffice life. The evolution of their love through these forms the crux of their relationship. Kathiresan and Manimegalai decide to get married and board a bus to meet Kathiresan’s parents. Meanwhile, Amudha seeks the help of a young happy-go-lucky urban guy Vinay in a journey to a new town and love blossoms in their hearts. They part ways and after thought and contemplation, they each board the bus to visit each other to express their feelings for one another. However destiny has something in store for all of them, and changes their lives forever through the journey,
The film released on 16 September 2011, to very positive reviews, going on to become a critical and commercial success and has won lot of critical acclaim as well. This was the first Tamil movie produced by Fox Star Studios.