Lust in Hell 2 Farewells (2010) – Japan

Transliterated: Y?bi Denki: Shinsetsu – Botand?r? Ni ?Sayonara?
Director: Tadashi Shimizu
Release Date: February 5, 2010
Genre: Pinku / Horror
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Mari Sakurai
Ryo Ishii
Yuuna Mizumoto
Tomomi Ohe

Shinji recovers from her attack with the help of a doctor. But soon she is forced to fight the black demons in order to protect her new friends.

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Female Teacher Hunting (1982) – Japan

Year: 1982
Country: Japan
Director: Junichi Suzuki
Genre: Erotic / Pinku
Runtime: 68 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 1982
Yuki Kazamatsuri, Yoko Azusa, Kyoko Ito

Synopsis/ Plot:
A moonlight skinny-dipping session between two carefree high schoolers leads to a young boy being accused of a violent assault on his female classmate. After throwing a teacher to the ground, he stomps out of the school gates and spends his summer break roaming a beachside town. Falling down a rabbit hole into a dark, oppressive world of sex and violence, he is taken in by a bar-owner and his libidinous mistress. Meanwhile, the teacher he assaulted hunkers down in a rented villa in the same coastal resort, awaiting a secret tryst with her married lover. What will happen when the student and teacher meet again? A moody and dramatic film, with shocking scenes of sex and violence, Female Teacher Hunting is deftly directed by one of the most promising of the final wave of Nikkatsu erotic film helmers, Junichi Suzuki.

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Missing 55: Final Break (2011) – Japan

Language: Japanese
Subtitles: No
Play length: 01:18:20: Fainaru bureiku
Language: Japanese
Play length: 01:18:20
Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Genres: pinku
Director: Yasushi Koshizaka
Cast: Yui Aikawa, Mirei Asaoka, Saya Kobayashi, Yûki Maeda, Hiromi Nakata, Kôta Okushima, Rui Saotome, Hideyuki Satô, Hitomi Usano, Masato Yoshizawa

Dead Prison: Woman Hunting (2011) – Japan

Year: 2011

Country: Japan
Genres: pinku
Director: Tetsuya Takehora
Language: Japanese
Play length: 01:14:53
Cast: Amber Uta, Shogo Moriyama, Takeshi Iwaya, YOSHI, Akari Hoshi, Act Yasukawa

Plot: Man hunting futuristic movie starring popular sexy actress Amber Uta. Near future that the death penalty was abolished. launched the “dead Prison Plan” to be held in an island prison for new prisoners who committed murder as an anti-government prisoners continues to grow. I would be done with the island in a new punishment to prisoners who committed the murder, absolutely can not escape. Akane Kakizaki yuan of idle. Akane had fallen into temporary memory impairment, I do not know why you’re here myself. We murderer legally pounce on Akane like that!

From the Back or from the Front (1980) – Japan

Year: 1980
Country: Japan
Genres: pinku
Director: Kôyû Ohara
Cast: Kazuyo Ezaki, Yoko Hatanaka, Yuki Jun, Masumi Kagawa, Yuki Kazamatsuri, Masatsugu Takase, Tomoyuki Taura

Plot: Yoko (Yoko Hatanaka) is a girl friend of the boss of a biker gang Fukuzawa. A motor cycle cop also has the hots for her. Yoko, while attending high school, also works for a cabaret, and have uninhibited sex life. She has sex with Fukuzawa and customers who comes to the cabaret along with the girls who belongs to the biker gang. There’s no love between her and Fukuzawa, but the motor cycle cop really loves her. Yoko also flirts with the motor cycle cop, and eventually they get serious. Yoko decides to leave Fukuzawa and the motor cycle gang, to be with the motor cycle cop.
Teeny bopper singer Yoko Hatanaka stars in this movie. It’s not so sensational for an ex teen star to appear in Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno series, and she sings the title song of this movie. All sorts of playful situation is packed into this short 67 minute movie, and it’s fun to watch the erotic situation comedy of different people getting into their kinky sex habits. It reflect the real culture of early ’80s Japanese society, and is very innocent and fun to watch.

Snow / Woman (2000) – Japan

Year: 2000
Country: Japan
Genres: pinku
Director: Mieke Mitsuru
Cast: Kawase Yota, Ito Kiyomi, Shiro Shimomoto, Honda Kikuo

Plot: A man is waiting alone for a woman in a snow-covered house deep in the mountains. The woman was supposed to meet him days before but she has not arrived and the man waits on, believing that the woman will still come. As the hours pass the Man s mind slips in and out of reality as he fantasizes on her and her sexuality. His body grows nub from the cold and he begins to drift from reality to a dream world where his imagination knows no limits.