That Girl In Pinafore (2013) – Singapore

Title: That Girl in Pinafore
Director: Chai Yee Wei
Writer: Chai Yee Wei
Genre: Comedy | Musical | Romance
Language: Mandarin | English | Malay
Country: Singapore
Runtime: 115 Min
Year: 2013
Release Date: 1 August 2013 (Singapore)
Subtitle: English

Jiaming, a free spirited teenager, has never taken school seriously. However, he is forced to confront his future when he flunks his O level exams and drops out of school. While deciding his future, Jiaming decides to help out at his parents music pub, Meng Chuan. Jiaming’s buddies Caogen, Haoban and Xiaopang pass their exams and move on to Junior College. But they are caught by the principal for wrongdoing and are suspended for a month. During this month, the boys join a local music competition, and they also meet the girls there.

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Duet (2012) – South Korea

Movie: Duet
Revised romanization: Dyuet
Hangul: ??
Director: Lee Sang-Bin
Writer: Lee Sang-Bin
Producer: Oh Min-Ho
Cinematographer: Kim Jin-Woo
Release Date: April 19, 2012
Runtime: 96 min.
Genre: Drama / Music / Youth
Language: Korean & English
Country: South Korea
Subtitle: English & Korean Hardsubbed

Nancy (Ko Ah-Sung) is a musician, unable to open up to anyone due to a prior romance. Nancy decides to take a trip in England. On the trip, Nancy meets photographer Jude (James Page) who becomes her tour guide. They find many things in common during their 15 day trip.

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Paparoti (2013) – South Korea

Movie: My Paparotti (English title)
Revised romanization: Paparoti
Hangul: ????
Director: Yoon Jong-Chan
Release Date: March 14, 2013
Runtime: 127 min.
Production Company: KM Culture
Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitle : English

Sang-Jin (Han Suk-Kyu) is a music teacher at an Arts High School in the small city of Gimcheon. He was once a promising opera singer in Italy, but a tumor in his throat ended his singing career. On a weekend, Sang-Jin drives out to the Gimcheon Arts High School from his home in nearby Daegu City to meet with the principle and a new transfer student. Before getting to the school, Sang-Jin pulls into the parking lot of a highway rest stop area. While parking his car, he scratches a black car parked next to him. Three men get out of the parked black car and threaten Sang-Jin. Then a young teen named Jang-Ho (Lee Je-Hoon) slowly steps out of the car. Sang-Jin becomes frightened out of his wits, but the young teen Jang-Ho ignores him and walks straight to his old beat up car. He peers inside the music teacher’s car and listens to the opera music playing out of the teacher’s car stereo. Jang-Ho then orders his three men to get the man’s driver’s license and then let him go. Later at the principle’s office, Sang-Jin complains to Principle Deok-Saeng (Oh Dal-Su) about the new transfer student’s transcripts. Sang-Jin tells him that the guy must be a troublemaker if this is his 4th high school, but Principle Deok-Saeng assures Sang-Jin that the new transfer student is talented and he could help the school win at an upcoming music competition. Then, the door to the principle’s office opens and the new transfer student walks in. Their new transfer student is Jang-Ho, whom Sang-Jin already met in the parking lot at the rest stop area. Jang-Ho is an enforcer for a powerful mafia group in Daegu City, but all he really wants to do is sing.

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Hoedown Showdown (2002) – Thailand

AKA:  (mont pleng luktung f.m.)
Film Genre: 
Musical / Comedy
 Bhandit Thongdee
Cast: Roong Suriya, Ekkachai Srivichai, Apaporn Nakornsawan, Sunaree Rachseema

Plot Synopsis
A contest run by a “Luk Tung” radio station for the best new singer of this sort of Thai folk music gets a lot of singers interested in the one million baht prize money. It also interests the police and criminals.

The Happy Life (2007) – South Korea

The Happy Life (2007) DVDRip x264 AC3 11


Year: 2007
South Korea
Film Genre: 
Comedy / Music
 Lee Joon-ik
Cast: Jeong Jin-yeong, Kim Yoon-seok, Kim Sang-ho, Jang Geun-seok

Plot Synopsis
Sang-woo, the leader of college rock band Volcano, dies and sets up a reunion for Gi-yeong and the other members of the group. Former bass player Seong-wook lives a hand-to-mouth existence working two jobs. Drummer Hyeok-su is a single father struggling to make a living as a car salesman. The jobless lead guitarist Gi-yeong dreams of taking over Volcano as the new frontman. When he suggests they reform the band while the old friends reminisce at the funeral, they all spurn the idea. But Gi-yeong persists and gets each to relent, setting the stage for a rock and roll reunion.

Anand (India) 1971

AKA: – Anand
Country: India
Year: – 1971
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama
Duration: -2 hours 3 minutes
Director: – Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Cast: – Amithab Bachan, Rajesh Khanna, Sumita Sanyal, Ramesh Deo, Seema Deo, Lalita Pawar
Many critics rank this classical movie amongst the “Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films”and also as “Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s best film”.
The story is about Anand Sehgal, a cancer patient who believes in living his life to the fullest. He comes to Mumbai to live his last days there and to meet his friend Kulkarni. Contrasting Anand is Bhaskar Banerjee, a sober doctor, upset with life and the dark reality of his nation. Bhaskar’s tête-à-tête with Anand makes him notice the colours behind all the despair and complexity in one’s life and teaches him a lesson. After spreading happiness everywhere around himself and changing the lives of many, Anand, as destined, leaves them all, which inspires Bhaskar to write a book on his life.
The film is a narrative, as Bhaskar writes in his diary about his life before Anand, his first meeting, how his relationship with him changes from a doctor-patient to a friend and then to a friend for whom he can do anything, and how a dying man changes his way of thinking to a great extent.