Shaolin Warrior (2013) – China

Title: Shaolin Warrior
Original Title: Kungfu Kid
Director: Dou Xiao
Writer: Liu Qi
Genre:  Action/Martial Art
Language: Mandarin
Country: China
Runtime: 92 min
Year: 2013
Release Date: December 2013 (USA)
Audio: English
Subtitle: English

A kid rushed into the Shaolin Temple and defeated some monks as proof he was qualified for being a disciple of Shaolin Abbot. Shaolin monks refused his request. The Shaolin Abbot was touched by seeing his knee down in front of the Shoalin temple for three days. The Abbot sent him to plant vegetable fields as a start of kung fu skill practice. Meanwhile, the kid was eager to learn kung fu skills. One day, the king of Chu visited Shaolin Temple and found out the kid was the man on his ‘wanted list’. What hatred behind those men, a battle between them was about to start.

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High Kickers (2013) – China

Title: High Kickers
Original Title: ???
Director: Xie Yi
Writer: Xie Yi
Genre: Action , Sport , Martial Art
Language: Cantonese
Country: China
Runtime: 93 Min
Year: 2013
Release Date: November 26 , 2013
Audio: Mandarin
Subtitle: English/Chinese 

Zhao Yumin (Gordon Liu) is a Taekwondo coach , whose had hard times since his best student Han (Daniel Chan ) was killled during an underground championship . Zhao almost gave up when Ling (Huang Shengyi appears at his door , insisting that Zhao must  train her for the championships, and became the first woman fighter to lead a men’s division.

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Once Upon A Time In China 4 (1993) – China

Also Known As:
Wong Fei Hung ji sei: Wong je ji fung (HK Title)

Genre: Martial Arts, Kung fu
Runtime: 01:37:14
Year: 1993
Country: Hong Kong
Audio: Cantonese
Director: Yuen Bun
Writers: Tsui Hark, Elsa Tang Bik-Yin
Producer: Ng See-Yuen, Tsui Hark
Action Director: Yuen Bun

Vincent Zhao Wen-Zhuo … Wong Fei-Hung
Jean Wang Ching-Ying … Aunt May
Max Mok Siu-Chung … Leong Su
Xiong Xin-Xin        … Kwai Geuk-Chat (Club Foot)
Billy Chow Bei-Lei … Iron Fist
Chin Ka-Lok        … Lui
Lau Shun (1)        … Wong Kei-Ying
Louis Roth        … Father Thomas
Wang Zhi-Wen        … Deputy Governor Guan Shing Tao
Kwok Nga-Cheung
Wang Jin-Hua (1)
Wong Tak-Yan        … Yan / [stunt]
Ling Kam-Wa

Wong Fei Hung must win another Lion Dance contest
in order to defeat the 8 foreign concessions in Shanghai.


The Kungfu Master (2012) – China

Title:????/Gossip guru
English title:The KungFu Master
Country: China
Genre: Drama /martial arts/costume
Language: CHINESE/(Mandarin)
??? Hsiao Liang
??? LI Hao Ou
??? Xin Xin Xiong
?? Miu Tse
??? Mei Ying Wang
??? Xi Yao Sun
??? Ya Lan Duan
??? Sek-Ming Lau

About the late Ming and early Qing Wu Xuezong division DongHaiChuan martial 
arts for the country won in great deeds, as well as his junior sister apprentice poignant love story.

The Legend (1993) – Hong Kong

Directed: Corey Yuen
Written: Chan Kin-chung, Tsai Kang-yung, Jeffrey Lau
Starring: Jet Li, Josephine Siao, Vincent Zhao, Michelle Reis
Music: Romeo Diaz, Mark Lui, James Wong
Cinematography: Jingle Ma
Original Title: Fong Sai Yuk
Genre: Action, Martial Art, History
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese

The brash and ambitious Fong Sai-yuk meets the beautiful Ting-ting during a track and field competition and falls in love with her. Ting-ting is the daughter of the hot-headed hooligan Tiger Lui. Tiger Lui stages a martial arts competition for interested men to participate and win his daughter’s hand in marriage. The contestant must defeat Tiger Lui’s wife, Siu-wan, in order to win. Fong Sai-yuk joins the contest at his friends’ urging and defeats Siu-wan. He catches a glimpse of his future bride, who is actually a servant maid to replace the temporarily missing Ting-ting. Fong Sai-yuk decides to forfeit the match and leaves.


Cat VS Rat (Hong Kong) 1982

A.K.A:  Nga Maau Saam Fai Gam Mo Sue
Year: 1982
Runtime: 1hour 31mn
Country:  Hong Kong
Language:  Cantonese
Genre:  Kung Fu, Comedy
Director:  Lau Kar Leung
Cast:  Fu Sheng, Adam Cheng, Hsiao Ho, Kara Hui, Lau Kar Wing, Gordon Liu

In this full-scale slapstick comedy, the “odd couple” skills of international favorite Alexander Fu and the elegant “Cary Grant of kung fu” Adam Cheng are on full display. Their wushu squabbling for supremacy ultimately imperils an incognito emperor, resulting in a sparkling, unexpected family affair from the king of kung fu filmmakers.