The Apostles (2014) – China

Title: The Apostles
AKA: Xiao He Shang Da Dang Jia / ?? / ?? / ????
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Release Date: 17 January 2014
Runtime: 100 min
Director: Joe Chien
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English & Chinese
Josie Ho
Xia Fan
Lam Suet
Zhou Chuchu
Angus Hsieh
Lam Chi-Chung
Tai Po
Yvonne Yao
Yuki Daki

The Apostles (??) is a 2014 Chinese thriller film directed by Joe Chien. It was released in China on 17 January.
Authoress Clouds (Josie Ho ornaments) are always strange dream awakened, her husband Zhang Shi Quan (Hsieh Cheng Jun ornaments) said it was because the sake of her new novel creation. Clouds come this day to meet the editorial department, never seen on TV Zhang Shi Quan ride the plane crashed. In the deal with the accident scene, Clouds and Han Bin (Xia Fan ornaments) encounter, the wife of Juan Han Bin because of the plane crash which killed. When finishing the husband relics, Clouds and Juan Zhang Shi Quan found knowledge, but never heard her husband mention, Han Bin also found this, also found that Zhang Shi Quan and Juan had been together in a small town, they could not help suspect Are there other half of the derailment, the town decided to go to the survey, the results of first encounters a mysterious truck killer (Daqing ornaments) to kill, then hit a series of strange things in town inn in gradually, beginning in clouds unclear what things are really what matters is his own illusion

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Hashima Project (2013) – Thailand

Film Genre: 
 Piyapan Choopetch
Cast: Pirat Nipitpaisalkul, Alexander Rendell, Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Sushar Manaying, Sho Nishino
Subtitles: English (External Download)

Plot Synopsis
The film is set on Hashima Island, off the coast of Nagasaki, in an abandoned mining facility that is now filled with darkened, half decrepit apartment blocks and mine shafts. The story involves a group of young amateur filmmakers from Thailand who are invited to make a mystery program on the island, where their worst nightmare awaits them.

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The Game of Hide and Seek (2013) – China

MovieThe Game of Hide and Seek
AKA??????? / Jin Ji You Xi Zhi Mi Cang / Taboo Dodge Games
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Director: Song Yinxi
Screenwriter: Hu Xiaoshuai
Stars: Zong Fengyan, Ocean Wang, Nian Xianer, Yu Jiaqi, Brandy Akiko
Release Date: 11 Oct 2013 (China)
Country: China
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
SubtitlesEnglish + Chinese 

Night social is a specifically COS classic terrorist movie role of cosplay community, once in suburb for outside took job Hou, members were playing up hide and seek of game, unexpectedly because crowd negligence, is responsible for caught people of members Li Na (Yu Jiaqi ornaments) because Mongolian Shang has eyes and accidentally fell into has a dry well in the, incident Hou, because fear and various selfish of causes crowd no timely rescue Li Na and select has fled……

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Rigor Mortis (2013) – Hong Kong

English Title:  Rigor Mortis
Directed by:  Juno Mak
Release dates:  4 September 2013 (Venice Days Festival)
24 October 2013 (Hong Kong)
Running time : 101 minutes
Country:        Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: Pending english SRT
Chin Siu-ho
Anthony Chan
Kara Hui
Lo Hoi-pang
Paw Hee-ching

In this eerie and chilling, contemporary, action/special effects laden homage to the classic Chinese vampire movies of the 1980′s, writer-director-producer, Juno Mak makes his feature directorial debut. Co-produced by J-Horror icon Takashi Shimizu, and reuniting some of the original cast members of the classic Mr. Vampire series, RIGOR MORTIS is set in a creepy and moody Hong Kong public housing tower whose occupants we soon discover, run the gamut from the living to the dead, to the undead, along with ghosts, vampires and zombies.

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Make Me Shudder (2013) – Thailand

AKA: ?? 6/5 ?????? ?????
 English & Thai 
Film Genre: 
 Poj Arnon
Cast: Khunathip Pinpradab, Withawat Thaokhamlue, Patharawarin Timkul

Plot Synopsis
During school break, there was a rule that students must leave their school dormitories to return home. However, a group of students who love to visit haunted places to challenge ghosts, gathers their gang for another trial. Their place of choice was the Daeng Building, which has a history of being one student’s tragic suicide spot. After the suicide, the building was abandoned and became restricted to all students. Without thinking twice, the group decides to explore the place and challenge the supernatural beings there to “make them shudder”, which leads to a chain of unforgettable and horrifying events.

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The Second Sight (2013) – Thailand

Director: Pornchai Hongrattanaporn
Writers: Sukkosin Akkarapath (screenplay), Pornchai Hongrattanaporn (story)
Stars: Nawat Kulrattanarak, Yayaying Rhatha phongam, Virapond Jirawetsuntorakul
Genres: Horror
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Release Date: 22 August 2013 (Thailand)
Also Known As: Chit sam phat 3D
Subtitles: Hardcoded English

Jet is a man who has a paranormal ability since he was born. But it makes him a freak among his friends. But everything changes when Jet falls in love with a girl. He begins to use his …

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