PK (2014) – India


Title: PK
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Fantasy
Release Date: 19 December 2014
Runtime: 153 min
Director: Rajkumar Hirani
Rating: 8.6/10 from 39,839 users
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Subtitles: No Subtitles
Aamir Khan
Anushka Sharma
Sanjay Dutt

P. K. is a comedy of ideas about a stranger in the city, who asks questions that no one has asked before. They are innocent, child-like questions, but they bring about catastrophic answers. People who are set in their ways for generations, are forced to reappraise their world when they see it from PK‘s innocent eyes. In the process PK makes loyal friends and powerful foes. Mends broken lives and angers the establishment. P. K.‘s childlike curiosity transforms into a spiritual odyssey for him and millions of others. The film is an ambitious and uniquely original exploration of complex philosophies. It is also a simple and humane tale of love, laughter and letting-go. Finally, it is a moving saga about a friendship between strangers from worlds apart.

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Time Trip App (2014) – Japan

Year: 2014
Country: Japan
Director: Toshio Lee
Writer: Taku Mayumura (original novel), Atsuko Hashibe
Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi / Time Travel
Runtime: 108 min
Language: Japanese
Release Date: July 26, 2014

Plot: `
In 1868, a battle between new government forces and shogunate forces are about to take place in Edo. Katsu Kaishu (Hiroshi Tamaki) wants to avoid useless bloodshed and sends a peace envoy to Takamori Saig?, but Katsu Kaishu is unable to get a response from Takamori Saig?. One day, Katsu Kaishu meets high school teacher Mikako (Satomi Ishihara) and her student Masaya who is captivated by the shogunate. Mikako and her student Masaya tells Katsu Kaishu that they are from the future. Katsu Kaishu takes care of Mikako and her student Masaya, while Mikako hopes to go back to the future where she came from.

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Magnet Man (2014) – Japan

Title: Magnet Man
AKA: Jishaku otoko
Genre: Drama, Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 2014
Runtime: 110 min
Director: Satoru Nakajima
Rating: 7.0/10 from 6 users
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Mukai Osamu as Oba Sosuke
Aibu Saki as Kohinata Sion
Kaname Jun as Himuro Kotaro
Sano Shiro as Uchikawa Goro
Miyake Hiroki as Takaki Noboru
Aoyagi Sho as Shindo Tatsunosuke
Ito Mamiko as Takakura Yuriko
Fujimura Shunji
Kusamura Reiko
Nose Anna
Asakura Erika
Nakajima Hiroko
Miyazaki Tomu
Memu Chisato (?????)
Noro Kayo (????)

There is a rumor about a power spot for people seeking marriage. `The human race can be divided into two types, N(North) and S(South). Just like a magnet, when two people are from the opposing type, they will be attracted to each other.` says Oba Sosuke, the owner of Oba Farm, the said power spot. Due to the rumors, he is revered as the God of Matchmaking. Kohinata Shion is an attractive, level-headed girl, in her 30‘s but yet to have any marriage prospects nor boyfriend. On a mission from her senpai, Himuro Kotaro, Shion arrives for a working farmstay at Oba Farm.

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Black Coal Thin Ice (2014) – China


Title: Black Coal Thin Ice
AKA: Bai ri yan huo
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Release Date: 21 March 2014
Runtime: 106 min
Director: Yi’nan Diao
Rating: 6.8/10 from 1,955 users
Country: China
MandarinFan Liao
Lun Mei Gwei
Xuebing Wang

An ex cop and his ex partner decide to follow up on investigation of a series of murders that ended their careers and shamed them, when identical murders begin again.

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Disregarded People (2014) – Japan


Title: Disregarded People
AKA: Sutegataki hitobito
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Release Date: 7 June 2014
Runtime: 123 min
Director: Hideo Sakaki
Rating: 6.5/10 from 8 users
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Genjiro Arato
Ken’ichi Endô
Yôzaburô Itô

Young man, Yusuke Mamiana, fed up with his life meats a unattractive ugly girl, Kyoko, at his hometown. Out of his impulsive desire, he had a relationship by nearly raping her. They started to live together and gradually feel ‘Family‘ attachment in each other. As time passes, Yusuke starts to think more about ‘Happiness‘ of his family and himself.

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Distant Thunder (1981) – Japan

AKA: Enrai
Directed by: Kichitaro Negishi
Genre: Drama
Year: 1981
Run time: 135 min
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English

Toshiyuki Nagashima as Mitsuo Wada
Johnny Okuro as Hirotsugu “Koji” Nakamori
Eri Ishida as Ayako Hanamura
Rie Yokoyama as Kaede
Casey Takamine as Mitsuo’s father
Reiko Nanao as Mitsuo’s mother
Sen Hara as Mitsuo’s grand mother
Keizo Kanie as Kaede’s husband
Yumiko Fujita as Chii
Leo Morimoto as Tetsuo Wada
Eri Kanuma as Toshie Wada

The urban sprawl in Tokyo has had a profound effect in the life of Mitsuo and his family of farmers. His father sold most of their lands to real-estate developers and left with the money to live with a bar hostess while Mitsuo’s mother had to start working as a construction worker.

Mitsuo has decided to stay as a farmer and grow tomatoes in the small piece of land he has left in the middle of newly-build apartment blocks while struggling with regulations, falling tomatoe prices and business men who want to buy his remaining piece of land.
Mitsuo’s mother sets him up for a blind date with the sweet, but strong-willed Ayako and he immeadiately falls for her and wants to merry her while also having a fling with a married woman Kaede who seems to be sleeping with just about every man in sight, including Mitsuo’s best friend Koji.
This film is based on the 1980 novel of the same name by Wahei Tatematsu.

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