AGENT VINOD (India) 2012

AKA: – Agent Vinod
Country: India
Year: – 2012
Language: Hindi
Genre: Action, Thriller
Duration: – 2 hours 37 minutes
Director: – Sriram Raghavan
Cast: – Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Maryam Zakaria, Gulshan Grover, Malika Haydon, Ravi Kishan, Shahbaz Khan
In Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhua, RAW Agent Vinod is rescued by colleague Rajan from a rogue Pakistani army officer. In Russia/Uzbekistan, an ex-KGB Officer is tortured and murdered. In Cape Town, a group of international business tycoons discusses a rumor that the dead KGB officer possessed a nuclear suitcase bomb. In Moscow, Rajan is exposed and shot dead while trying to send a Code Red message to India. In India, the head of RAW sees the incomplete message containing just number 242. Agent Vinod undertakes a globe-trotting secret mission to discover the reason why his colleague, Rajan, was murdered. A series of twists and turns take Vinod across the globe to Morocco and Latvia, Karachi to Delhi and finally London where he discovers the actual conspiracy.

The Golden Fortress (India) 1974

AKA:- Sonar Kella
Country: India
Year:- 1974
Language: Bengali
Genre: Adventure, Thriller, Drama
Duration:- 2 hour 16 minutes
Director: Satyajit Ray
Cast:- Soumitra Chatterjee, Santosh Dutta, Siddhartha Chatterjee, Kusal Chakravarty
Mukul is a young boy who is said to be able to remember events of his previous life. He stays up late into the night and draws sketches that he claims are of battles he had seen. His father decides to take him to Dr. Hajra, a parapsychologist, for treatment. After listening to his descriptions of deserts and peacocks, Dr. Hajra guesses that the place Mukul describes might be in the deserts of Rajasthan, a state in western India. Mukul also mentions that he lived in the Golden Fortress (Sonar kella), though he can’t explain what this means, and that their house had lots of gems. Dr. Hajra decides to take Mukul on a trip to Rajasthan hoping this may shed deeper light into such parapsychological phenomenon, as well as help cure the young boy.A newspaper report on Mukul and an interview with Dr. Hajra alerts two men by the names of Amiyanath Burman and Mandar Bose, the villains in the story.They interpret his mention of gems as a hidden treasure and plan to kidnap Mukul in hope of getting their hands on it.
The adventure begins…
This movie is one of the most popular, acclaimed and iconic movie in the history of Bengali cinema, directed by the master director Satyajit Ray.

MPD Psycho Project (Japanese) 2000

AKA: Tajuu Jinkaku Tantei Saiko: Amamiya Kazuhiko no Kikan, Multiple Personality Detective Psycho: Kazuhiko Amamiya Returns
Broadcasted: May 2 – May 7, 2000
Genre: Detective, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, TV Drama
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Episode Runtime: 60 mins.
Total Episodes: 6
Status: Completed [6/6]
Director: Miike Takashi
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Hosaka Naoki as Amamiya Kazuhiko / Kobayashi Yosuke / Nishizono Shinji
Nakajima Tomoko as Isono Machi
Osugi Ren as Sasayama Tooru
Shiota Sadaharu as Manabe Masaki
Anan Yoshinari as Toguchi Kikuo
Miura Rieko as Honda Chizuko / Kobayashi Chizuko
Lily as Yamamoto Yoko
Nae as Tanabe Tomoyo
Matsuda Satoshi as Ueno Tatsuya

“Do you know the real you?”

A detective with multiple personalities and a dark past struggles to find out who he is while solving cases and unravelling threads of his past.

Episode 1: Memories of Sin ~ Drifting Petals
A sadistic criminal is turning his victims into human flower pots. Detective Amamiya Kazuhiko is called out of early retirement to work on the case, which is tied to horrific events in his past. His new wife goes missing and a mysterious cult with barcodes tattooed on their eyeballs surfaces to wreak havoc on the city.

Episode 2: How to Create a World
A brutal serial murderer cuts babies from their mothers’ womb in what appears to be a copycat crime from five years earlier. All of the women have barcodes tattooed on their eyeballs. The victims, under some sort of hypnosis, purchase the surgical quality knives used to kill them the day before their murders! As Detective Amamiya’s wife wanders the city in a trance, he discovers someone from his past is involved in the crime wave…

Episode 3: Life is a Constant Double Helix
Chiaki Kuriyama (KILL BILL) guest stars in this episode, which finds Detective Amamiya and the police team investigating the mass suicide of the forty girls from a posh high school. Amamiya goes undercover as a high school teacher to find out why and learn more about a new generation of barcoders, many of whom are students at this militaristic school.

Episode 4: The Crushed Ant
Perfectly severed body parts with numbers cut into them are discovered in a field. In a nearby arcade, two rival youth gangs battle each other and Amamiya’s wife is taken prisoner by a gang leader. The police Chief tries to put together more of Amamiya’s hidden past with the assistance of a one-eyed snuff filmmaker.

Episode 5: Coronation of the Cursed King
Cult members spontaneously combust when the barcoder network is infected. The burn victims are taken to the local hospital where a lonely employee’s cyber girlfriend tells him to kill people. Detective Amamiya and his team lock down the hospital, while strange things happen on the secret 13th floor.

Episode 6: Soaring Souls and Human Bondage
The Police Department denies that the barcode case ever existed in a massive cover-up attempt. Three remaining members of the investigation team decide to continue working on the case on their own. The Police Chief’s entire family dies under mysterious circumstances. Amamiya tracks the baby stealer to a remote cabin in a snowstorm for a final showdown to recover his own missing child.

Lupin III: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy [Live Action] (Japanese) 1974

AKA: Rupan Sansei: Nenrikichan Sakusen
Year: 1974
Runtime: 81 mins.
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English Hardsub
Genre: Action, Comedy, Detective, Live Action
Director: Tsuboshima Takashi
Cast: Tanaka Kunie, Meguro Yuki, Ezaki Hideko, Ito Shiro
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This Lupin the Third movie is set before he meets Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa, or Fujiko Mine. It starts out with Lupin meeting a cute girl, who’s on her way to being locked up. Lupin busts her out, only to be left behind. He later encounters Daisuke Jigen, who desperately wants Lupin to reincarnate the Lupin empire. Lupin also later (again) meets Fujiko, wanting expensive jewelry and promising Lupin a “worthy prize”. He must do this (well, if he wants Fujiko that is) while avoiding being killed, and while deciding if he really wants to take over the Lupin empire.

Meitantei no Okite (Japanese) 2009

AKA : Meitantei no Okite
Year : 2009
Genre : Comedy | Detective
Runtime : 7 hours 42 minutes
Episodes : 10
Subtitles : English
Country : Japan
Launguage : Japanese
Director(s) : Miyashita Kensaku, Tsunehiro Jota, Shichitaka Gou
Cast : Matsuda Shota, Kashii Yu, Kimura Yuichi, Takagi Shinpei, Takagi Manpei, Chisun, Irie Jingi
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The original writing is a short mystery collection that takes a humorous approach to many of the genre’s cliches. Matsuda stars as the “famous detective” Tenkaichi Daigoro, while Kashii Yu plays the female lead as a rookie cop.