Forgetting to Know You (2014) – China

Title: Forgetting to Know You
AKA: Mo Sheng / ????? / ??
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release Date: 29 August 2014 (China)
Runtime: 89 min
Director: Ling Quan
]Rating: 6.1/10 from 14 users
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese, English Hardcoded
Xiaodong Guo
Hong Tao
Ziyi Wang
Yibai Zhang

Baisha township, near Chongqing, central China, the present day, summer. Chen Xuesong (Tao Hong) and Cai Weihang (Guo Xiaodong) have been married for seven years and have a young daughter, Yuanyuan (Zhang Wan). She runs a small general provisions shop and he works at a furniture factory that is in financial difficulties and owes its staff back wages. Xuesong, who is originally from the northeast, has never got on with her husband’s family, including his mother and younger sister, and spends her days at the shop, where a young taxi-driver, Wu Junyan (Nick Wang), drops by regularly for change and a chat. Weihang tries to save the factory by discussing a deal with an old schoolfriend, Lin. Their marriage is now marked by constant small rows and mutual suspicions, though they are both devoted to their daughter. One day, on the internet, Weihang comes across a picture of Xuesong and her former boyfriend, Yang Jiucheng (Zhang Yibai), now a property tycoon. He takes out his frustrations by sexually assaulting her. He later regrets his action but doesn’t like her apparent growing friendship with the taxi-driver. While Weihang tries to arrange a staff buy-out of the furniture factory, Xuesong decides to visit Jiucheng on her own initiative.

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Girls (2014) – China

Year: 2014
Country: Hong Kong/China
Directed by: Barbara Wong Chun-Chun
Duration: 2 hr, 0 min
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English (embedded)

Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei
Ivy Chen Yi-Han
Yang Zishan
Wallace Chung
Shawn Yue
Vanness Wu
Barbara Wong Chun-Chun
Hiro Hayama

Girls opens at college graduation, where Kimmy (Fiona Sit) threatens to jump off a building because a guy dumped her and her dad is forcing her to go to the U.S. for grad school – and you know, she just hates speaking English. Her pals Siwen (Ivy Chen) and Xiaomei (Yang Zishan) out Kimmy as a histrionic drama queen before one of the other girls accidentally falls off the building. She survives, but hey – attempted suicide as comedy! Some years later, the three cohabitate in a super-huge flat in an undisclosed city in China (Or is it Taiwan?). Xiaomei is an assistant to director Barbara Wong, while Kimmy runs an events company and Siwen works at a posh hotel and is about to marry the handsome Lin Jie (Wallace Chung). Unfortunately, Lin Jie is caught with his hand in someone else’s cookie jar, leading to a cancelled wedding and a deluxe Siwen meltdown where she lolls about in a dazed stupor. How will her friends get Siwen out of her funk?

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The Summer of Our Graduation (2014) – China

Title: The Summer of Our Graduation
AKA: ???????
Genre: Drama / Comedy / Romance
Release Date: 2014-08-29
Runtime: 88Min
Director: Yu Han
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Jiani Zhang
Jianfei Wu
Wei Zhang
Kenneth Tsang
Waise Lee
Jiantao Hong
Di Zhang
Chushan Yan
Tieren Zhao
Yutong Wang

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Kungfu Fighter (2013) – China

Title: Kungfu Fighter
AKA: Gong Fu Zhan Dou Ji
Genre: Drama, Action
Release Date: 15 November 2013
Runtime: 1h 37mn
Director: Dragon Chen
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Dragon Chen
Liu Hailong
Wang Linna
Shi Lin
Lam Wai
Zhang Liqing

The way the wind had suffered jail suffered setbacks, abuse, Nine Lives, Bruce Lee Kung Fu to defend with their lives and successfully broke into a glamorous high society. The way the wind overnight luxury arrogant, arrogant, lost love, lost self. Peter King of Kung Fu emergence of the United States, so the way the wind’s “high society luxury living” go from collapse, worse, more deadly .

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The Apostles (2014) – China

Title: The Apostles
AKA: Xiao He Shang Da Dang Jia / ?? / ?? / ????
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Release Date: 17 January 2014
Runtime: 100 min
Director: Joe Chien
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English & Chinese
Josie Ho
Xia Fan
Lam Suet
Zhou Chuchu
Angus Hsieh
Lam Chi-Chung
Tai Po
Yvonne Yao
Yuki Daki

The Apostles (??) is a 2014 Chinese thriller film directed by Joe Chien. It was released in China on 17 January.
Authoress Clouds (Josie Ho ornaments) are always strange dream awakened, her husband Zhang Shi Quan (Hsieh Cheng Jun ornaments) said it was because the sake of her new novel creation. Clouds come this day to meet the editorial department, never seen on TV Zhang Shi Quan ride the plane crashed. In the deal with the accident scene, Clouds and Han Bin (Xia Fan ornaments) encounter, the wife of Juan Han Bin because of the plane crash which killed. When finishing the husband relics, Clouds and Juan Zhang Shi Quan found knowledge, but never heard her husband mention, Han Bin also found this, also found that Zhang Shi Quan and Juan had been together in a small town, they could not help suspect Are there other half of the derailment, the town decided to go to the survey, the results of first encounters a mysterious truck killer (Daqing ornaments) to kill, then hit a series of strange things in town inn in gradually, beginning in clouds unclear what things are really what matters is his own illusion

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The Womaniser (2014) – China

Title: The Womaniser
AKA: ????
Genre: Erotic , Comedy,  Romance
Release Date: 2014
Runtime: 73 minutes
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese
Zhang Yan
Man Man

an Hongwei is a small white distress, because the first three girlfriends have all been either eventuality, he died of heart for love, but because of who he was keen on because because of who already owed a debt. Even more unfortunately, he was unemployed, when cornered, the friend introduced him to the water Yang was a business deal, as long as he’s within a month to the lovelorn girl ??? bubble can earn 100,000 yuan, who obtain the good things of beauty and money , Yan Hongwei how can we let go. So Yan Hongwei actively implement “because of who the actual” strategy, do everything possible to close He Yawen, manufacturing campus encounters, courage in the river, “a hero to save the United States”, posing as a beggar to gain sympathy. But still did not get unlucky Yan Hongwei He Yawen heart. Unexpected, one day, He Yawen penniless street, happen to be found Yan Hongwei, Yan Hongwei He Yawen led back to his home and good care. Gradually, He Yawen love with Yan Hongwei, enjoying small happiness. When Yan Hongwei go gold daily expenses reimbursed Lord when He Yawen found his purpose is to earn 100,000 yuan and heartbroken, she chose to return to gold master side. Yan Hongwei this time only to find himself already in love with this girl had been injured, and he refused to receive 100,000 remuneration and start a new life.

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