Police Story (2013) – China

Also known as:
Year: 2013
Country: China/Hong Kong
Directed by: Ding Sheng
Duration: 1 hr, 46 min
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English (hardsubbed)
Jackie Chan as Detective Zhong Wen
Liu Ye as Wu Jiang
Jing Tian as Miao Miao
Yu Rongguang
Zhang Lanxin
Wang Zhifei as Officer Fang
Zhang Xiaoning as Wu’s father
Guli Nazha as Xiao Wei
Aaron Aziz

A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage.

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Chan Yi (2014) – China

Movie: Chan Yi
AKA: ?? / Cicada’s Wings
Genres: Romance, Drama, Erotica
Director: Zhang Weihua
Stars: Lee child, Shen Hao, Peng Weihua, Liu Shu, Fu Meiyan
Release Date: 12 Jan 2014
Country: Mainland China
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Young woman writer Xiao Shu Man writing a novella noble soul “as thin as onion skin,” when the page is deleted Write a ninth deleted and can not continue. Then she phoned Ryoko girlfriends about their meeting. Ryoko Xiao told her boyfriend in Yerevan on Friday when he wanted to have sex and Xiao sex. Ryoko tentative proposal to try the three together, rejected Xiao. Ryoko says he loves Yerevan, but not married person, which makes its own very painful, go to Tibet for some time quietly heart. After her boyfriend Zhongshu Peng Xiao want to study abroad has been dying a natural end both love. Unexpectedly book classmate Cheng Peng row back from the United States, want to look for job opportunities in the country, and all sorts of work and pressure points to ring true in the United States, has led to marriage in jeopardy. Zhongshu Peng decided to temporarily leave the country. Xiao know what to do, but fell in love with her ??boyfriend classmate Cheng column, out of control …… Zheng Shu Xiao Man and experiencing an unforgettable series of lightning-like sex after hearing Ryoko dead message in Tibet

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Red Light Distric (2014) – China

Director: Catcher
Starring: Jing Xi Li He Qiang Yang Xiaomin China
Type: Erotic Drama Romance
Region: Mainland China
Year: 2014
Running time: 70 minutes
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles : Chinese

Tells the love story between the little black car drivers Miss Wang Junyu Zhou Xiaoya love, ordinary life is experiencing repressed grief, Wang pick a woman to do it every day of his beloved flesh trade, Zhou Xiaoya sex trade is fake police extortion , went to the hotel door service encounters his younger brother, sisters Jingjing because despair and suicide for love, in the end they leave this city is full of depressing and sad, back home to start a new life. Directed by the edge of the excavation little love life, designed to evoke the edge of the characters and the pursuit of love, courage to believe that everyone has the freedom to love; movie hero from the shackles of the moment at the end of life, start a new life, aims to raise awareness of the life hope, let love return, let the dream return!

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Special Reasons (2014) – China

Director: Shen Jiang Ping
Starring: Hou Yu / Wang Ruohan / Ma Qiang
Genre: Drama / Family
Countries and regions: China
Release date: January 2014
Subtitles: Chinese (No English Subtitles ATM)

One day, the reporter went to the village to interview the provincial capital, according to the clues provided by the masses, follow it, and found this place to stay anonymous donors, but did not find himself, after a series of follow-up survey found that donor-school children and school construction is a prostitutes, but after several conversations with the prostitutes, the reporter gradually produced a favorable impression on the prostitutes, but just want to help this reporter prostitutes when she died in a pick surprises than reporters of sorrow, in prostitutes found the relics left behind a diary, above the dense record with the mentality of a prostitute, originally the name of a prostitute is a primary school teacher before his death, she had also donated to the children in school classes, it is because the school may be too poor, she had to put down the teaching, go to work, but working in a glass of water

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Tao Se Qing Chun (2014) – China

Production Company : Beijing Jia Yu Emperor Chinese Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Company: Beijing Jia Yu Emperor Chinese Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Production area: China
Director: Lu Wang grapefruit
Screenwriter : Wang Li
Built piece by: Yang Yalin
Type: love, erotic , art , youth
Starring: Wang Yi , Ma Zi Han, Zhou Yi Tong, Zhang Xinyue , Mengli Yi
Running time: 90 minutes
Release date : January 15, 2014

Movie Plot :
Lin Yi Mei closed eyes toward deep water . The water slowly drowned her waist, her shoulders, her head , her body went to the sink deep underwater .
Beautiful brunette spread, she suddenly opened her eyes , mouth hint of a smile . This is her last one left in this world smile. Who knows , such a beautiful girl , why is such an outcome ? The story begins one night was two years ago .
Lin Yi Mei , a graduate of the Art Institute , is a model of a small entertainment company . But this beautiful name only her pseudonym . And her background and career , but also all false .
Luxury hotel corridor, wearing a sober Lin Yi Mei , uneasy towards the hotel room . This is her as a so-called ” peripheral Girl” for the first time in the fall transaction. She was a little nervous, but the thought of the situation now , she approached the teeth that room . Room, slightly fat middle-aged guests waiting for her.

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Sexy Novel (2013) – China

Director: Song Jianjun
Screenwriter: Song Jianjun / Cong / WU Xiao-Star
Starring: mm / Duwei Han / the Linxi Ya / Jing China
Genre: Drama / Romance / video
Producer countries / regions: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Release date: 2012-11-20 (Mainland China)
Duration: 38 minutes
Also known as: Sexy novel

The title, “the body of” full of profound meaning, to reflect on the social moral way through the politics of the body. This will be a commercial and artistic, unique style, sexy sharp, full of a great topic and controversial micro-film, micro-film market in China will bring a fresh force. Is a major highlight of the film’s erotic scenes will create unprecedented new visual experience.
The film is shot by the Fujian Huangpin micro-film investment. Wong goods micro-film is Fujian’s first focus on the micro-filming production, investment operations of the company, but also advocated by the first integrated operation of the whole industrial micro-film company. Integrated micro-film to promote the spread of innovation strategy and new media resources to effectively promote solid backing. The company produced the “ridge Dream,” “Hope Tree”, “Bath grasslands and other popular micro film users a high degree of acceptance and love. Wong goods micro-film and a number of media to establish the depth of strategic partnership, to explore an effective way and channels for the promotion of micro-film and corporate brand marketing.
Starring Suxiao Man in the sea election tension, although the crew began to receive a lot of brokerage firms and actors self-referral, but has not met the right person yet. The film creative, full of looking forward to the role, and plans to seek them from show business to new and intention to create. Suxiao Man’s role difficult challenge, whether it is the the temperament appearance and character, acting requirements are very high. Director Song Jianjun said, picking out a piece of the role relationship success and failure, must be particularly careful. Suxiao Man’s success in shaping, is expected to become the sex goddess of the new generation of Chinese film and television, both stylish and sexy appearance temperament, but also the wisdom and intellectual femininity.

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