La Brassiere (2001) – Hong Kong Bluray 720p


Aka : Chuet sai hiu bra.
Year : 2001.
Runtime : 110 Minutes (1 hour 50 Minutes).
Country : Hong Kong.
Language : Cantonese | English.
Audio Language: Cantonese & Mandarin (Dual Audio).
Genre : Comedy | Romance.
Director : Hing-Ka Chan, Patrick Leung.
Cast : Lau Ching-Wan, Louis Koo Tin-Lok, Carina Lau Ka-Ling, Gigi Leung Wing-Kei, Lee San-San, Chikako Aoyama.

A Hong Kong bra company breaks tradition by hiring two men, Johnny and Wayne, to design an “ultimate bra” in 3 months. The head of the designing department, Lena, objects to their hiring and makes them look like fools. However, things begin to heat up between Johnny and the boss, Samantha, while Wayne and Lena begin to feel an attraction. Nevertheless, the job is at hand to create the Ultimate Bra!

Marrying Mr Perfect (Hong Kong) 2012

A.K.A: Jia Ge Yi Bai Fen Nan Ren
Year: 2012
Runtime: 1hr 30min
Country: Hong Kong | China
Language: Cantonese | Mandarin (Dual Audio)
Genre: Drama | Comedy | Romance
Director: Wong Jing
Cast: Ronald Cheng Chung-Kei, Gigi Leung Wing-Kei, Chapman To Man-Chat, Xie Na, Stanley Fung Shui-Fan

Winnie, a Beijing lady in her late twenties, is regarded by her elder brother and sister-in-law as an old maid. From time to time, they exert pressure on Winnie to get married so that she will move out to vacant her room for their kids. However, given the rocketing property prices in Beijing, she cannot afford to buy an apartment of her own. Misfortune always strikes twice: Winnie is then abandoned by her boyfriend, and becomes the target of malicious gossip in D.O.G., the company where she works. She is very depressed indeed.

Chase Our Love (Hong Kong) 2011

A.K.A: Zhai Nan Zong Dong Yuan | Mr Zhai
Year: 2011
Runtime: 1hr 29min
Country: Hong Kong | China
Language: Cantonese | Mandarin
Genre: Drama | Comedy | Romance
Director: Yang Zi
Cast: You Nam Wong, Alex Fong, Patrick Tam, Kenny Bee, William So, Edmond Leung, Mark Cheng, Rain Li, Stephy Tang

This romantic comedy follows three introverted guys, ZaiZai, Nick and Jacky. All three are finding it tough when it comes to the matters of love. Jacky, a homey guy only goes out when he sees the opportunity to be with Mindy, an actress. Elsewhere, when ZaiZai comes to the aid of the pretty Diana, his good intentions gets misunderstood and his girlfriend breaks up with him. Feeling guilty, Diana gets confused with her feelings for ZaiZai, and tries to hook up her friend, Lucy with ZaiZai’s best friend, Nick. The two hit it off at first, but as their relationship progresses, Lucy starts to question her relationship with Nick. As the 3 guys deal with their heartache, follow their lives in the city, as they long for the love they find hard to reach.

I Love Hong Kong 2 (2012) – Hong Kong

Aka : Wo Ai Xiang Gang: Xi Shang Jia Xi.
Year : 2012.
Runtime : 96 Minutes (1 hour 36 Minutes).
Country : Hong Kong.
Language : Cantonese.
Audio Language : Cantonese & Mandarin (Dual Audio).
Genre : Comedy.
Director : Wilson Chin, Shu-Kai Chung.
Cast : Stanley Fung Shui-Fan, Eric Tsang Chi-Wai, Teresa Mo Sun-Kwan, Denise Ho Wan-Si, Bosco Wong Chung-Chak, Evergreen Mak Cheung-Ching, William So Wing-Hong, Siu Yam-Yam, 6 Wing, Zhang Xinyu

For some, 2012 brings fear…. This is due to the many vivid interpretations that the end of the world is nearing as we enter 2012. The Kwok family is a farce, no thanks to the different personalities living under same roof. All of them have their own share of problems and the situation doesn’t improve when everyone dwells only on their differences. The patriarch of the household, Kwok Chun is an experienced weather forecaster, who had been eyeing the post of news anchor for the longest time. But due to the oppression from his rival-turned-boss, Chun never had a promotion in his 40-year tenure. While the daily squabbles within the family; Chun, his three children and his free-loading brothers, continue, Chun received earth-shattering news that the world is facing a great catastrophe. This rude shock brings awakening and Chun is determined to fix the cracks in his family before the world ends….

Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (Japan) 2011 Bluray 720p-1080p

Aka : Ichimei
Year : 2011
Runtime : 2 hr 6mn
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Genre : Action | Drama
Director : Takashi Miike
Cast : Kôji Yakusho, Naoto Takenaka, Eita, Hikari Mitsushima

An tale of revenge, honor and disgrace, centering on a poverty-stricken samurai who discovers the fate of his ronin son-in-law, setting in motion a tense showdown of vengeance against the house of a feudal lord.

Fei Tian (2011) – China

Aka : Shen Zhou 11 | Wentian I Wentian II
Year : 2011
Runtime : 113 minutes 
Country : China
Language : Mandarin
Genre : Drama | Adventure 
Director : Dong Shen, Jia Wang
Cast : Zhibing Liu, Yu Bo, Li Niu, Ruijia Jiang, Youbin Li, Gang Wu

A story about Chinese space program.
This film depicts the story of the flights of Chinese astronauts, and the film spans from the conclusion of the Shenzhou 7 to the launch of the Shenzhou 11. The plot begins following the Shenzhou 7 back up crew, Zhang Tiancong, Zhou Guan, Li Dawei. The trio are unsuccessful in making the flight on the Shenzhou 11. Zhang Tiancong’s wife, daughter and family at home are extremely disappointed. After some time away to resolve some family issues, Zhang returns to training and splits from his former crew mates. The team now includes several new astronauts of the second generation, including two women pilots. Zhang is joined with a group of several second generation astronauts involved in preparations for the flight to the first ‘space station. The training is difficult and in the final decision on the Shenzhou 10, the command decided to change the game rules, so that the best crew becomes the backup crew. Zhang Tiancong’s group are held back and another team is chosen, the reason being because of the risk considerations, around Shenzhou 10, and if there is trouble in space, the other crew should perform any difficult and dangerous rescue mission. During an operation in space the Shenzhou 10 is suddenly hit by an unknown object, causing damage to the power systems. The Zhang Tiancong team are scrambled and the Shenzhou 11 launches from the Hainan launch site. Zhang emerges from the capsule to the space station to repair and ensure the safe return of the Shenzhou 10.