Shang Wei (2013) – China

Aka: Struggle
Screenplay: Tube Xiaojie
Genre: Romance
Producer countries / regions: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Release Date: 2013-02-28
Running time: 93
Zhao Yi Huan Yin Zhe
Hu Yue

Beijing nightlife, the approaching graduation Four bedroom student Nortel good sister, Ruo River, Joe posture, Siqi, Meng Meng and North drift actress CICI with their own different ways, to fend for themselves for the Performing Arts.
Ruo River in costume drama Studios, teeth endured the pain the Rong Momo starlet Juanjie, played the Queen over and over again to pour cold water, slapped, needle sticks.
Joe posture participate star A birthday party, and the brightest star of Gangster playing self-timer, the sun microblogging.
Siqi several filmmakers appeared in nightclubs package room wine poured from the ground to the foot, the meal Kuangguan and fumble.
Meng Meng’s face painting full of symbols, cosmetic surgery in the operating room ready.
The CICI Qin guide passion in the hotel room, and found the guide Qin animation director, kicked kicked him in bed, close the door to leave.
Ruo River, Joe posture, Meng Meng, CICI simultaneously received a phone call, rushed Siqi where nightclub toilet, the Siqi drunk on the floor, the ground scattered with a few used the cap.
Ruo River proposal alarm, but preferred to remain silent and helpless Zhongjie Mei blocked the last five girls interpretation of the bitterness of the North drift artist

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