My Girl and I (Korean) 2005

My Girl and I

“My Girl and I” features the well-known plot of an ill-fated couple. Su-ho (Cha Tae-hyeon) is a plain high school boy, and Su-eun (Song Hye-kyo) is a bright and beautiful girl in the same school. For some unknown reason, Su-eun has a crush on the boy, and for equally mysterious reasons she rescues Su-ho in the sea (though he doesn’t know who actually saved him). In the process, Su-eun loses her pager. When she discloses the relationship with Su-ho at school, despite envy and disbelief from other classmates, she asks Su-ho to buy her a pager so that they can communicate with each other through voice messages – a secret communication channel since So-eun’s parents are quite strict. The way the couple develops affection is bearable, helped by images of a beautiful seaside village and equally enchanting coastlines. Supporting characters like Su-ho’s grandfather (Lee Soon-jae) jazz up the otherwise too simplified storyline.

Cast: Cha Tae-hyun, Song Hye-kyo, Kim Hae-suk, Moon Jung-Hee, Park Hyo-joon, Lee Soon-jae
Directed: Jeon Yun-su
Genre: Romance
Runtime:South Korea:95 min
Also Known As: Parang-juuibo
Country:South Korea
Subtitles:Eng Subs
Release Date:22 December 2005

Never to Lose (Korean) 2005

Never to lose

“Never to Lose” concerns the men of Homicide Unit 3, who are in dire straits at the moment. While unit 3’s cops are full of ambition and talent, they never seem to crack a case. The team is comprised of Detective Koh, a 15 year veteran, Detective Kim (Min-jun Kim), a rookie eager to make a name for himself, Detective Koh, a married man who spends more time on the job than with his wife, and Detective Ryung ( Sang-mi Nam ), who can’t get taken seriously by her peers because she’s a woman. While at a party with his girlfriend, Kim happens upon information about a drug deal that could get the team the respect they’ve been looking for. But what the team gets into turns out to be not just a big drug bust, but a case that makes Homicide unit 3 the target of the largest drug lord in Korea .

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Genre…………: Action, Crime
Distributor……: Lotte Cinema
Year………….: 2005
Country……….: Korea
Director………: Son Hee-Chang

Lovely Rivals (Korean) 2004

Lovely Rivals

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It’s a battle for love between bitter rivals: a primary school teacher…and her twelve year-old student? From Jang Kyu Sung, director of the hit comedy My Teacher, Mr. Kim, comes Lovely Rivals, a hilarious and bittersweet comedy about an unlikely love triangle. Yeom Jung Ah (co-star of A Tale of Two Sisters, and winner of the 2004 Best Supporting Actress Award at the Dae-Jong Film Festival) is Yoe Mi-Ok, a lazy elementary school teacher who longs for a bigger and better teaching job. Thanks to her fiery and sometimes mean personality, Mi-Ok is unpopular with everyone in school. For herself, she couldn’t care less – that is, until she meets the handsome new teacher (Lee Jee Hoon) and instantly falls in love!

Mi-Ok pretends to be kind and sweet to win his heart, but romantic competition arrives in a surprisingly pint-sized package: Ko Mi-Nam (Lee Se Young), one of Mi-Ok’s students, and a romantic rival to be reckoned with! A recent transfer from another school, Mi-Nam is precocious both physically and mentally, and is determined to expose Mi-Ok’s true personality for all to see! The two “women” engage in an escalating war, but beneath their battles there are lessons to be learned. Can Mi-Ok rediscover what it truly means to be a teacher? With a top cast, winning characters, and heartfelt laughs, Lovely Rivals is a surprising and genuinely crowd-pleasing comedy that’s sure to entertain!

County………South Korea

The Pye Dog (Hong Kong) 2007


Eason Chan may be making more headlines with his music career, but 2007 has been an equally remarkable year for the star in terms of movies. Clearly emerging as one of Hong Kong’s most versatile actors, Chan goes three-for-three this year with Hooked on You, Brother, and The Pye-Dog. Director Derek Kwok’s underrated debut feature is a subtle and eminently entertaining character drama that draws effectively from a wide range of genre influences for an uncommon film experience. A name to be watched in the coming years, Derek Kwok pulls great performances from not just Eason Chan, but also child actor Wen Jun Hui and actress Gia Lin (Men Suddenly in Black 2), not to mention screen veterans Eric Tsang, George Lam, Cheung Kwok Keung, and Siu Yam Yam. Sprinkled with offbeat details and perfectly crafted moments of genuine humor and emotion, The Pye-Dog easily qualifies as one of the year’s best Hong Kong films.

AKA:Ye.leung heun
November 15 2007
Directed:. Chi-kin Kwok
Runtime 90 minutes
Country:Hong Kong
Language:Cantonese Language Version
Subtitles: English Soft Subs(.srt, .idx .sub)

Mad Detective (Chinese) 2007


A rookie cop teams up with a former detective with a supernatural gift to hunt down a serial killer.

Directors:Johnny To and Ka-Fai Wai
Writers:Ka-Fai Wai & Kin Yee Au
Also Known As:Godly Detective (Hong Kong: English title) (working title)
Mad Detective (Hong Kong: English title)
Shen tan (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
Runtime:Canada:89 min (Toronto International Film Festival)
Country:Hong Kong

The Most Distance Course (Taiwanese) 2007


The lives of three lost souls intersect in Taipei.

Also Known As: Zui yao yuan de ju li
Year: 2007
Directed: Jing-Jie Lin
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 113 mins 18 secs
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Cast: Tz-yi Mo, Siao-guo Jia, Lunmei Kwai