My DNA Says I Love You (Taiwanese) 2007


Gigi and Marlene, two single women both in their late 20’s, work at a bio-technology company, researching and developing medicine to suppress specific genes and observe their effects on the human body. Gigi is born with the “clean-freak” gene and her obsession with keeping things tidy causes problems in her relationships. Marlene, on the other hand, is born with the “fat gene” and needs to regularly take pills to maintain her weight. Marlene panics when she learns that her “anti-fat” pills will be taken off the market. Their personal problems coincide with romantic ones. Marlene grows frustrated maintaining her long-distance relationships via the Internet, and Gigi leaves her boyfriend when she discovers he’s cheating on her. One day, Gigi meets Anteater, her college sweetheart, and they start dating again. Things are going well, and Gigi just cannot remember why she had broken up with Anteater until the day they are about to consummate their passion, Gigi discovers Anteater’s terrible secret — he is a first rate slob! Meanwhile, Marlene is oblivious of the feelings Teddy, the landlord’s son, has for her. Realising that their own genetic make-up is the cause of their relationship issues, Gigi and Marlene decide to take an “anti-clean gene” pill. Gigi and Marlene no longer care about their own appearances, but will the two women find true love and happiness without the help of technology?

Also Known As: Jiyin jueding wo ai ni

Directed: Yun Chan Lee
Genre: Comedy / Romance / Sci-Fi
Runtime: 94 mins
Cast: Terri Kwan, Yu Nan, Peter Ho, Eddie Peng
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
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Brave (Thai) (2007)


Pairote (Pairote Boongerd /Mike B) is forced by the biggest mafia gang in Thailand to steal the mainframe client information data from Wealthy Bank, an international credit card company. He holds Lita (Supakson Chaimongkon) (the company’s Vice President) hostage and forces her to give him the password that will allow him fo finish his assignment , and later manages to get away with it. He does this for his brother, Tong(Afdlin Shauki) , who has been captured, tortured and held ransom by the mafia gang, in exchage for the data they have forced him to steal. But things turn out for the worst when the mafia gang attempt to silence them both with explosives they strap around Tong. Whom they have as bait to lure B into a factory.

After Kovit(Sahaschai Chumrum), the gangster boss , learns of their escape from this trap , he sends his right-hand men after them B gets shot by Mai (a former friend, now enemy) and falls from the top floor of an abandoned building to almost certain death. Tong, fearing the worst , decides he will return to Malaysia , but finds that B survived the fall. They dicide to avenge themselves and go looking for Mai to force him to lead them into the underground world to find Kovit. They end up being captured and find out that the data theft was a set-up and that Kovit needed a fall guy-B.

They come across Lita who has been attacked and raped, and find out her husband Somboon, who was the President of Wealthy Bank , kiled himself in the aftermath of the of the data theft. B and Tong are wracked with guilt and manage to escape the clutches of the underground bringing Lita with them .But the finally have to confront the gangsters and fight them all. including Kovit and his best fighter. It’s a long battle to fight for their life and to figure out why Kovit is doing this in the first place.

Director: Thanapon Maliwan
Afdlin Shauki
Writer:Nut Nualpang (writer)
Cast: Supaksorn Chaimongkol, Pairote Boongerd, Afdlin Shauki, Sahaschai Chumrum
Runtime:92 min
Website: Brave Official Site
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Dr. Wai and the Scripture With No Words (Hong Kong) 1996

Dr. Wai and the Scripture With No Words (Chinese) 1996

Plot: A serial adventure writer with problems in his personal life lives out the adventures of his literary hero, King of Adventurers.

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Title …………. Dr.Wai.and.the.Scripture.With.No.Words
Theatre Date …… 1996
DVD Retail Date … xxx
Release Date …… 2007/01/16
Ripper…………. io
Genre …………. Action
DVD Runtime ……. 01:30:27
Video Bitrate ….. 1570 kbps AVG
Video Codec ……. XviD
Audio Bitrate ….. AC3 6CH 192 Kbps + AC3 6CH 384 Kbps
Frame Rate …….. 23.976 Fps
Resolution …….. 720 x 288 ( 16 : 9 )
Language ………. Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitles ……… Chinese, English
IMDB Vote ……… 5.7/10 (350 votes)

Ghost In Love (Korean) 1999

Ghost In Love (Korean) 1999

What would you do if your fiancee dropped you like a bad habit for the promising relationship with his boss’ daughter? Would you take revenge on the three bikers who raped you in front of your boyfriend? How far would you be prepared to go? Would you be ready to sacrifice your soul?

File Format Type: AVI

Years : 1999

Directed: Lee Kwang-hoon

Starring: Kim Hee-sun
Lee Sung-jae
Cha Seung-won
Yu Hye-jeong
Jang Jin-young

Movie Type: fantasy – Romance



2009: Lost Memories (2002) (Korean)


It is the year AD 2009 when Seoul has become the third major city of Japan. Japan is prospering as the second greatest economic nation after the U.S., but anti-government terrorist attacks are prevalent in the formerly independent country known as Korea. Members of the Hureisenjin, Korea’s largest underground terrorist movement, infiltrate the opening celebration at the artifacts exhibition hall hosted by the Inoue Foundation, a mysterious and influential conglomerate. The two JBI agents assigned to investigate are special agents Sakamoto Masayuki and his close friend, Saigo Shojiro. Sakamoto has taken after his father and become a cop. He has forgotten his Korean heritage by pledging his allegiance to the Japanese Empire. As he investigates the case, he finds that the attacks are connected to the Inoue Foundation and asks for a detailed investigation into the case. He soon find that his investigation is stonewalled by the authorities. He is wrongfully arrested when he is set up by JBI executives in order to stop his investigation. Sakamoto barely escapes with the help of his friend, Saigo. But the combination of events forces the end of their close relationship. A series of events eventually takes Sakamoto to the fateful meeting with Oh Hae-Rin, the Korean woman he may have seen in his dreams. Utterly confused the series of events he encounters, Sakamoto is confronted with the incredible historical truth he was never aware of before.

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Director:Si-myung Lee
Writers:Sang-hak Lee (writer)
Si-myung Lee (writer)
Cast: Kil-Kang Ahn, Masaaki Daimon, Shohei Imamura, Dong-Kun Jang, Ken Mitsuishi, Tôru Nakamura, Jin-ho Seo, Goo Shin, Miki Yoshimura.
Also Known As:Lost Memories 2009
Lost Memories 2009 (United States)
Genres: Art/Foreign and Science Fiction/Fantasy
Running Time: 2 hrs. 16 min.
MPAA Rating: R for pervasive strong violence.

Ebola Sydrome (Hong Kong) 1996


The story begins with Kai, one of the most unpleasant individuals to ever grace the silver screen, in bed with his boss’ wife.
They are caught by his boss, Wong, who has come home early. Thereafter, Kai slaughters both Wong and his wife.
We jump ahead ten years to 1996 and Kai has taken refuge in South Africa working in a small Chinese restaurant. He is berated constantly by the husband and wife team that own the restaurant. When the local butcher tries to cheat the restaurant’s owner over the price of meat, the owner decides to go to a local Zulu tribe to buy some meat at a ‘discounted price,’ taking Kai with him on his journey. The problem is, neither of the duo realize that the tribe has been overrun by the Ebola virus. On the way home, while Kai has a ‘toilet break’ behind a bush, he finds one of the tribe’s young women lying on the ground, semi-conscious. Being the scum that he is, Kai seizes the opportunity to rape the woman, not realizing that she’s dying from the virus.

As a cruel twist of fate though, it seems that Kai is one in ten million that can carry the virus without him dying. However, he can spread it through his spit, semen, blood, saliva, and sweat. On his return, he slips into a fever and his boss’ wife reluctantly nurses him back to health. When they realize what his symptoms are though, they concoct a plan to kill him before the virus can spread. Unfortunately, Kai learns of their plan and kills his boss, then brutally rapes and kills the wife. To dispose of their bodies he dismembers them, cooks, and serves them to customers as “Africa Burgers.”

Seeing himself as a ‘harbringer of doom,’ Kai decides to exact revenge on a world that he believes has wronged him, by way of sneezing and spitting on people, feeding patrons his “Africa Buns,” and having sex with the women that will let him and brutally raping those that refuse. Will there be any way for the Hong Kong police to finally catch Kai?

ebolasyndromeinsatiableqx6.jpg ebolasyndromeanthonyvioxf6.jpg ebolasyndromeanthonywoniq3.jpg

Also Known As: Yibola bing du (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
Director: Herman Yau
Writer: Ting Chau
Genre: Comedy / Horror
Runtime: 98 mins
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese / English with English hardsubs
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