Zoku/Sugata Sanshiro (1943/45) (Japanese)


Sanshiro, a strong stubborn youth, comes to the city to apprentice at a jujitsu school. His first night, he sees Yano in action, a master of judo, a more spiritual art, and he begs to be Yano’s student. As the youth learns technique, he must also learn “satori,” the calm acceptance of Nature’s law. If he can balance strength and control, then judo may become the training regimen for the city’s police, Sanshiro can gain respect from an old teacher in a jujitsu school, and he can win the hand of Sayo, that teacher’s daughter, who is also sought by jujitsu’s finest master, the implacable Higaki, who vows to kill Sanshiro in a midnight fight on a windswept mountainside.

Director: Akira Kurosawa
Writers:Akira Kurosawa (writer)
Tsuneo Tomita (novel)
Genre:Action / Adventure / Drama
80 min / Japan:97 min (original release)


In this government-suggested sequel, Sugata again grows as a judo master, and demonstrates his (and by extension, all Japanese) superiority to the foreign warrior

Director:Akira Kurosawa
Akira Kurosawa (writer)
Tsuneo Tomita (novel)
Genre:Action / Adventure
Runtime:83 min

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Hello Brother (Korean) 2004

Hello Brother

Also known as: Hello, Goodbye Little Brother (An-nyang, hyeong-a)
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Language: Korean

Subtitle: English (Soft-subbed)

Release Date: 2004

Genre: Drama


A warm and touching drama about nine-year-old Han-yi, a brat who causes all sorts of problems wherever he goes. Han-yi believes that his parents, and brother are all under his control. Suddenly, when he learns that his older brother is ill, everything changes and he faces his most challenging experience ever. Han-yi’s brother, Han-byeol is diagnosed with cancer and has an operation. Some conflicts ensue between Han-yi and Han-byeol’s new friend, Wook-yi, whom he meets at the hospital. Wook-yi has been suffering from leukemia for a long time, but he is a favorite in the hospital because of his abundant humor and positive mind. Finally, Han-yi solves the complicated matter of his relationship with Wook-yi and starts behaving well to save his brother’s life.


* Park Ji-bin as Han-yi
* Seo Dae-han as Han-byeol
* Choi Woo-hyuk as Wook-yi
* Bae Jong-ok as the mother
* Park Won-sang as the father

Sibaji/The Surrogate Woman (1998) (Korean)

When noble family have no male heir to pass care about ancestors ghosts on, grandmother hires a “sibaji” – surrogate womb, to finally have man in next generation. The small piece of land will be even too much reward for young girl who has to give birth to nobleman’s son. The contract is made. Now sibaji has to be prepared and meet Master for having his baby. Women of the family are waiting for good news – if surrogate mother will be pregnant, praying for a boy and preparing family’s daughter-in-law fake pregnancy… But things are not quite under control; love wasn’t in the contract…

Year: 1986
Genre: Drama, Traditional
Director:Im Kwon-taek
Writer:Song Kil-han
Cast:Kang Soo-yeon,Lee Gu-sun,Yun Yang-ha,Han Eun-jin,Bang Hie
Country:South Korea
Duration:100 mins

Father and Son (2004) (Korean)


A story for all fathers in Korea! “Son, you’re the most precious thing to me.” is based on a true story of Mencius’ mother, who moved three times for her son’s education. In the film, Man-su believes that the happiness of his son depends on what university he gets into, and he is very determined to do virtually anything for his son. His effort might look absurd and ridiculous, but it stems from blind paternal love toward his son. From putting up a sign that says, “A Future Seoul National University Student,” for his first birthday party, to borrowing money from a loan shark to rent an apartment in the wealthy area of Seoul, everything he does results from his naive faith that his son can only be happy when he gets into the best university in the country. The film is a comic, but touching story of a father whose only goal in life is to make his son happy.

Director:Ji-yeong Kim
Writers:Ki-young Kim (writer)
Dong-Sung Suh (writer)
Also Known As:Father and Son: The Story of Mencius (International: English title)
Runtime:South Korea:117 min
Country:South Korea

May 18th (2007) (Korean)


The story of events leading up to the 1980 Gwangju massacre in South Korea when thousands of students and protesters were killed by armed troops during an anti-government demonstration.

Directed: Ji-hun Kim
Writer:Sang-yeon Park (writer)
Genre: Drama
Cast: Ahn Seong-Gi, Kim Sang-Kyung, Lee Yo-Won
Runtime:120 min
Country:South Korea
Subtitles: English

Alone (2007) (Thai)


The directors of the chiller “Shutter” created another terrifying horror film. This creepy film tells the story about the surviving half of a conjoined twin who starts to “see” her dead sister when she returns home to visit her dying mother. Through flashbacks we learn how the beautiful relationship between the sisters transforms in to a repressive bond that forced one of the sisters to ask for her mother’s support for a separation. When one of the twins dies, she angrily returns from the dead to haunt her sister. Strong story, strong cast dealing with recognizable themes such as rivalry between sisters, romantic jealousy and good old family guilt. A cut above all other scary movies in recent years.


Also Known As: Faet
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Subtitles: English
IMDB: http://imdb.com/title/tt0484090/