Perfect Blue (Japan) (1998)

Viewer discretion advised!

A retired pop singer turned actress’s sense of reality is shaken when she is stalked by an obsessed fan and seemingly a ghost of her past.

Perfect Blue is a 1997 feature-length anime film, directed by Satoshi Kon (loosely based on the novel of the same name by Yoshikazu Takeuchi). The film is a psychological thriller about Mima Kirigoe, a member of a Japanese pop idol group called “CHAM!” who decides to become an actress. As her new career proceeds Mima’s world becomes increasingly reminiscent of the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Philip K. Dick; reality and fantasy spiral out of control as Mima discovers that a stalker is the least of her troubles.

Cast: Junko Iwao, Rica Matsumoto, Shinpachi Tsuji, Masaaki Ôkura
Directed: Satoshi Kon
Genre: Horror/Thriller/Anime
Runtime: 83 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English

Star Runner (Hong Kong | South Korea) 2003

Star Runner

In this action-packed romance, Mei Chung (Hyun-joo Kim) leaves Korea for Hong Kong after a love affair ends badly. She arrives in the new country ready to become a language teacher and to begin a new life. When Bond Cheung (Vanness Wu) one of her students, decides to fulfill his dream of boxing against world champion freestyle boxer Tank (Andy On), Mei finds herself drawn into an exciting and dangerous world, and a new romance. Directed by Daniel Lee (Jet Li’s BLACK MASK and THE MASTER SWORDSMAN) and starring Vanness Wu, star of pop group F4, this film features outstanding action sequences along with breathtaking visuals and editing.

Cast: Vanness Wu (Ng Kin-Ho), Kim Hyun-Joo, Max Mok Siu Chung, Andy On Chi-Kit, Wong Yau-Nam, Shaun Tam Chun-Yin, Alfred Cheung Kin-Ting, Gordon Liu Chia-Hui, Chin Kar-Lok, Ken Lo Wai-Kwong, David Chiang, Ti Lung, Jude Poyer, , Roy Chow Wing-Hung, Joe Ma Wai-Ho, Ricardo Mamood, Philip Ng Won-Lung
Aka:The Kumite, Siu nin a Fu
Directed: Daniel Lee Yan-Kong
Genre: Action/Romance/Drama
Runtime: 1:39:00
Also Known As: Star Runner
Country: Hong Kong, South Korea
Language: Korean, Cantonese, English
Subtitles: English Hard coded

Donggam (Korea) (2000)

Donggam or “Ditto” is not just a love story between the characters, but more an exploration of how their ‘long distance’ relationship affects the two characters lives in unexpected ways; dealing with the portrayal of relationships in a mature, realistic way. Similar to “Il Mare” or “The Lake House” in concept, this film explores the problems created by a 21 year time span.

Cast: Ji-tae Yu, Ha-Neul Kim, Ji-won Ha
Directed: Jeong-kwon Kim
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Runtime: 110 minutes
Also Known As: Ditto
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English

Wolf’s Rain Complete Series (Japan) (2003)

wolfs rain

In a post-apocalyptic future where humans live in domed cities surrounded by wasteland, wolves are assumed to be two hundred years extinct. Yet wolves do walk among them, disguising themselves as humans in order to survive in the human world. Now four young wolves will follow the scent of Lunar Flowers on a dangerous quest to find that which legend promises them: Paradise.

Cast: Mamoru Miyano, Kenta Miyake, Akio Suyama, Hiroki Shimowada, Mayumi Asano
Directed: Tensai Okamura
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Anime, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English Hardsub

Green Fish (Korea) (1997)


Recently discharged from the military, Makdong returns to his native town IIsan to find everything changed. Eager to gain employment, Makdong goes to a seedy Seoul neighbourhood where he befriends a gang boss and his girlfriend. He is quickly recruited into the gang, but finds his loyalty called into question when the gang’s turf is threatened and a relationship is developed between him and the gang boss’s girlfriend. The theme of an individual caught in changing times, which recurs in Lee’s later films, is elaborated in a calm yet critical manner in this debut feature of the director. This film won the NETPAC Awards, Rotterdam International Film Festival 1998, the Dragons and Tigers Awards, Vancouver International Film Festival 1997 as well as Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor, Blue Dragon Awards 1997.

Cast: Seong-kyu Han, Suk-kyu Han, Jae-yeong Jeong, Jin-yeong Jeong, Mun-shik Lee, Gye-nam Myeong, Kang-ho Song
Directed: Chang-dong Lee
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 111 minutes
Also Known As: Chorok mulkogi
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English/German/Italian/Spanish/French

달자의 ë´„/Dal Ja’s Spring (2007) (Korean)

Oh Dal Ja is 33 years old and she is an MD of a home shopping channel. She has a “love contract” with Kang Tae Bong, a 27 year old freelancer of a playmate enterprise. The story also revolves around Dal Ja’s life with three men. Wee Sun Joo is a divorcee who is an expert on love and faces life with positive thinking.

AKA – The Spring of Oh Dal Ja
Broadcasted – 03-Jan-2007 to15-Mar- 2007
Producer – Lee Jae Sang
Screenwriter – Kang Eun Kyung
Country – South Korea
Audio – Korean
Quality -High
Subtitles – English [.srt]
Episode Run Time – 1 Hour 5 Minutes
Total Episodes – 22
Status – Completed [22/22]
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Chae Rim as Oh Dal Ja
Lee Min Ki as Kang Tae Bong
Lee Hyun Woo as Uhm Gi Joong
Lee Hye Young as Wee Seon Joo<
Gong Hyeong Jin as Shin Sae Do