My Love (Korean) 2007

My Love (Korean) 2007

Several people experience a miracle of love under the spell of a solar eclipse. Se-jin is obsessively in love with a very bizarre young woman named Ju-won. So-hyun confesses her feeling for Ji-wu by clinging to him and asking him how to become a strong drinker. Jeong-seok is a single father working as a copywriter, loved by Su-jeong, whose advances he rejects every time. Jin-man is a free-hug activist who returns to korea to meet his old flame.

Genre:…………………….: Romance
Year:……………………….: 2007
Divx Release:…………..: 03/21/08
DVD Release:……………: 03/21/08
Ripper:…………………….: BiFOS

Video:……………………..: 1347 kbps xvid
Audio:……………………..: 448kbps AC3
Runtime:………………….: 109 mins
Subtitle:…………………..: Korean, English
File size:………………….: 15MB x 50
Language:………………..: Korean
Resolution:……………….: 640 x 352
IMDB Rating:…………….: N/A

Last Present (Korean) 2008


This film tells an emotional tale about a pair of fathers – an adopted father and a birth father – who risk all to save their ailing daughter from losing her life. Though one is a cop and the other a convicted murderer, the two share a fatal bond through the little girl.

AKA: Last Present
Year: 2008
Directed: Young-jun Kim
Genre: Family Drama
Runtime: 105 mins
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English/Korean


Kim Yeong-joon
Jo Soo-min
Kwon Oh-jung
Hur Joon-ho
Ha Ji-won

Boss X Files (Korean) 2002

Boss X Files (Korean) 2002

The movie was accused of aiming to ridicule the presidential candidate of a certain Korean party and therefore stirred up quite a tumult. However, unpredictably, it also managed to climb to the very top of Korea’s box office.

In the movie Jung Woon-taek portrays examiner Taehoon who’s at a loss about the corrupt behavior of a party member. In order to solve the case, a high official suggests to start a campaign called “Boss X File” to gather evidence. Now, Taehoon and his colleagues have to act as staff of a night club to make investigations. Jung Woon-taek looks actually aren’t very attractive, but recently his acting career seems to have boarded the express line, shooting him to stardom. After harvesting good critics for his premier movie “Friend”, he got to play the partner of the leading actor in last year’s “My Boss, My Hero”. Even though his following work “Dig or Die” didn’t manage to stand out, his role in “Boss X File” helped him score a landmark hit. The movie’s winning ingredients, are its experienced and vivid actors. Watching “Boss X File” is like ordering a good meal, the good taste originates in the expert serving of small dishes that add up to a delicious whole! (Source: YesAsia)

Artist Name(s) : Jung Woon Taek | Kim Bo Sung | Lee Ji Hyun
Release Date : November 14, 2002
Language : Korean
Subtitle : English
Duration : 175 Minutes

Just One Look (Hong Kong) 2002

Just One Look (Chinese) 2002

plot synopsis from

This coming-of-age film from Riley Yip features very little urgency, but the nostalgic atmosphere and agreeable emotions make this one of the most enjoyable Hong Kong films of the year. Featuring those Twins girls.

Director Riley Yip recovers from the saccharine overload that was Lavender to deliver Just One Look, probably this year’s most agreeable Hong Kong film. A rather simple coming-of-age story, it fuses fine Cheung Chau locations with a sweet tone and a generous love of Chinese cinema. It also downplays the fact that pop darlings Twins act in the film. Sure, their mugs are front and center on the advertising, and they can be heard on the soundtrack, but everything the girls do is in service to the film, and not once do we get to see a trademark pout or ingenue-type fit. It’s all quite refreshing.

Shawn Yue stars as Fan, a Cheung Chau-born young man who spends his time selling sugar cane with his grandmother (Lee Fung) outside the local cinema. Years ago, his father (Sam Lee) reportedly shot himself in the restroom of the cinema, but Fan has suspected all along that is was local gangster Crazy (Anthony Wong) who pulled the trigger. In the ten years since, Fan has fueled his vendetta by secretly sniping Crazy with a slingshot, though he’s too scared to confront him in person.

Fan’s cohort in youthful mischief is buddy Fishball Ming (Wong Yau-Nam of boy band Shine). Ming leads their group of friends as they fight with local toughs and torture rats for fun. Both also take a shine to Nam (Charlene Choi, AKA: Twin #1), the daughter of a kung-fu teacher (Eric Kot). Fan and Ming join up at the school in order to get closer to Nam, whom Ming dubs “heroine”. However, Fan finds himself attracted to a mysterious girl in white (Gillian Chung, AKA: Twin #2), who lives in a local convent. He resolves to write to her, but finds himself unable to find the words. Luckily, he can use the film synopses outside the cinema to compose his letters, which she receives willingly. Then…more stuff happens.
Directed by: Riley Yip

Cast: Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Shawn Yue, Wong Yau-Nam, Anthony Wong, Eric Kot

County………Hong Kong
Video……….820kbps XviD
Audio……….142kbs MP3
Frame rate…..23Fps
Subtitles……English .srt

Kung Fu Mahjong (Hong Kong) 2005


Cherrie Ying is Fanny, an extraordinarily skilled mahjong player and young housewife, who’s usually forbidden from her tile-clicking addiction by husband Johnny (a smarmy Terence Yin). However, when Johnny falls in with bastard gambler Demon (Keung Ho-Man), Fanny gets sent packing. Johnny takes up with Demon’s femme fatale sister Curvy (Zuki Lee of Slim Till Dead), and Fanny is left alone. Worse, she seems to lose her mahjong-playing skills. Luckily, she receives additional training from her mahjong sifu Three Tiles (Wong Tin-Lam), who also schooled Auntie Fei (Yuen Qiu) from Kung Fu Mahjong 1, as well as sexy player-in-training First Love (Tiffany Lee). With the aid of her mahjong sisters, brother Ronaldhino (Sammy), plus Auntie Fei’s annoying husband Chi Mo Sai (Yuen Wah, also returning from KFM1), Fanny regroups in time to take on Curvy, Demon, and Johnnie at a climactic mahjong tournament.

Directed by: Wong Jing

Cast: Cherrie Ying, Yuen Qiu, Yuen Wah, Terence Yin, Tiffany Lee, Philip Keung, Zuki Lee

County………Hong Kong
Video……….1619kbps XviD
Audio……….384kbs MP3
Frame rate…..23Fps
Subtitles……English .srt

Little Prince (Korean) 2007

Little Prince (Korean) 2007

Synopsis / Plot
Regret is the driving emotion behind “The Little Prince (Eorin wangja),” director Choi Jong-hyeon’s debut feature, loosely inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s most famous novella known for the wise-cracking fox who says, “It is the time you have spent with your rose that makes your rose so important.” The Korean movie puts a reverse spin on the line: a sound-effects technician Jong-cheol (Tak Jae-hoon) does NOT spend time with his family — a fatal mistake that he deeply and constantly regrets. The healing process begins when he comes across a pure-hearted child, modeled after the world-renowned French story. But it is a bit of a stretch to compare Jong-cheol’s encounter with the boy with the one in the original “The Little Prince.” After all, the Korean movie does not feature the rose the Little Prince really truly loved or the fox he famously tamed. Jong-cheol is no pilot, either. But the overall plot — an adult learning something from an innocent kid — is roughly in the same category of a fable rich in symbolism. In the movie to be released on Thursday, an urban fable begins with Jong-cheol’s self-contradicting life. He makes a living producing various sound effects for movies; he juggles different gadgets and props to create sound that is more realistic than, well, natural sound. This requires a high level of auditory perception. Yet Jong-cheol is a tone-deaf — not to sound for movies, but to the voices of his son and wife. He rarely spends time around his family. When he does come home, he sleeps on the sofa, not in the bedroom. He does not care about vacationing with his own family; he does not go with his son and wife for a holiday visit her parents’ house. Nor does he get a distress call from his wife seeking help. Fast forward the plot a bit, and Jong-cheol meets Yeong-woong, a boy who cares about fish in general and a baby shark, named “Shakil,” in particular. The two hit it off well not least because Jong-cheol sees his own deceased son in the boy who has sensitive ears and can identify his friends by the mere sound of their footstep. Yeong-woong’s gifted ears also help restore some warmth in the deeply depressed man, touching off a new “taming” process to which Saint-Exupery’s fox points out as key to human relationships. But the taming zigzags for a while as Jong-cheol keeps revisiting his failed relationship with his loved ones and blaming himself for a tragic incident. He had missed something essential in life, preoccupied with his “busy” career, evoking Saint-Exupery’s grown-up characters. Like the Conceited Man, he wanted to be admired by everyone, but led a lonely life. Like the Drunkard, he drank heavily to forget. Like the Businessman, he was constantly busy counting the sounds he thinks he owns. All with other earth-bound adults who see things with their eyes only, Jong-cheol failed to see his family’s real needs for his affection. His belated realization that he could not reverse the clock to reunite with his son and wife generates searing guilt and regret. Jong-cheol struggles to pull himself out of the emotional abyss by taking care of the boy who has a sick heart and yet keeps his warm heart open for Jong-cheol. In the movie, singer-turned-actor Tak seems as serious as he can get, but he is still less than convincing as a complex character who supposedly embraces an internal transformation. In contrast, Kang Su-han, a promising eight-year-old actor who has already three TV dramas under his belt, seems to have a firm grip on his role, outclassing his adult counterparts. Children, after all, have the gift of seeing the invisible with their hearts, while grown-ups rely only on their eyes — or ears in Jong-cheol’s case

AKA: Little Prince
Year: 2007
Directed: Jong-hyun Choi
Genre: Family/Drama
Runtime: 94mins
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Korean/English

Jae-hun Tak
Su-han Kang
An Jo
Mu-song Jeon
Choi Ju-bong
Won-sang Park