Our Finest Hour (Korean) 2008

Synopsis / Plot / Review
Korea and Denmark had shared four Olympic titles for women’s handball from 1988 to 2000, with the Danes winning the latter two. The two dueling teams met again as finalists in 2004, and the pulsating game continued long and hard with a tie score leading to two killer overtimes and a penalty throw showdown.

Korea lost, but won what many call a silver medal that shines more brightly than the gold. At the time, Korean women’s handball was at its worst state ever, and players who should have been retired joined the national team to face the indefatigable Denmark. It was a miraculous achievement _ “the greatest moment of our lives” (the film’s title in Korean).

Also Known As:…: Forever the Moment, 우리 생애 최고의 순간(Woo-ri Saeng-ae Choi-go-e Soon-gan)
Year:…………….. .: 2008
Directed:………….: Im Sun-Rye
Genre:…………….: Sport / Drama
Runtime…………..: 124 mins
Country:…………..: South Korea
Language:………..: Korean
Subtitles:…………: English / Korean
Cast:………………: Mun So-Ri, Kim Jeong-Eun, Uhm Tae-Woong

Smile Babo (Korean) 2008

“Smile Babo”: Daehan and Mingook are best friends, but their intelligence is a bit lacking.
Daehan is a romantic guy who dreams of marrying his childhood friend Jieun.
As the two bumble through the storyline, the movie develops when Daehan heads to a nearby military base motivated by Jieun’s casual comments that …

Release Date : February 14, 2008
Cast : Choi Seong-gook, Kong Hyeong-jin, Choi Jeong-won, Yoon Je-moon
AKA : Mr. Daehan Mr. Mingook
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
Subtitle : N/A
Duration : 102 min.
Official Website & Trailer : http://www.smilebabo.co.kr/
Youtube Trailer : http://youtube.com/watch?v=q-fDMKr9FaI

Temptation of Eve (Korean) 2007

Also Known As:…: Seduction of Eve
Year:…………….. .: 2007
Directed:………….: Im Kyung-Taek
Genre:…………….: Thriller / Erotic
Country:…………..: South Korea
Language:………..: Korean
Subtitles:…………: English / Korean / Japanese

Synopsis / Plot / Review
OCN boldly presents Temptation of Eve, a sexy thriller about the lust and temptation experienced by four women and their victims of love. Now available in English subtitles, Temptation of Eve looks to Hollywood’s Basic Instinct as its model, creating sensationalism and interest in a genre rarely tackled in the history of Korean film. Despite being aired on cable, one of the drama’s four episodes, Episode 3: Her Own Technique, scored ratings comparable to that of a top-rated drama on a major broadcast channel. The main attractions of Temptation of Eve are its sophisticated cinematography, shocking but meticulously created intimate scenes, grisly murder plots, and the complex portrayal of its characters.

Episode 1: Angel
Returning from a steamy excursion with her lover, Hee Ra finds her husband dead in her bedroom. Although Hee Ra has a solid alibi, detective Min Ho’s intuition points to the wife as the murderer. In search of evidence, the detective begins to observe her daily routine, but gradually he is spellbound by her irresistible charm. Then another suspect appears, someone from Hee Ra’s past, whom Min Ho believes to be the culprit. Seeing the closure of the murder case, Min Ho and Hee Ra become closer than ever. But past secrets reveal themselves, taking Min Ho to the point of no return…

Episode 2: A Good Wife
Film director Jin Young walks out the door after presenting a screenplay that he hopes will be turned into a film. On his way to the parking lot, he meets an attractive woman named In Ae and spends the night with her. Next day, he receives a phone call from Sang Ho, a producer whom he has not heard from for the last three years. Jin Young meets the producer, who’s now confined to a wheelchair after a hit-and-run incident. Distraught by his wife’s infidelity, Sang Ho asks Jin Young to shadow her, cathing her affairs on camera. Shockingly, the wife turns out to be In Ae, and Jin Young now faces a dilemma…

Episode 3: Her Own Technique
A popular surgeon with a bright future and women falling at his feet, Ji Hoon is at the top of the world. Although married, he fantasizes of a woman with a butterfly tattooed on her pelvis – a vision from his reccurring dreams. During a business trip, he meets an attractive woman named Hae Young, who coldly refuses his advances. Not accustomed to such rejection, Ji Hoon smiles as he heads back home. A few days later, he receives an unexpected call from Hae Young, and begins a risky affair. But soon afterwards, his wife receives a mysterious package containing incriminating photos of her husband…

Episode 4: Kiss
Young Hoon, a nude photographer, and Jung Im, a food stylist are both successful in their respective professions. Having dated for seven years before getting married, they’re more like friends than lovers. Due to the nature of her husband’s work, Jung Im occasionally feels insecure in her marriage, though this long-married couple has trust in one other. One day, Young Hoon befriends a neighboring couple, Hyun Chul and Hyo Jin. Next to the authoritative husband, Hyo Jin looks quite unstable and insecure and Young Hoon cannot help but feel drawn to her sadness. But the more he falls for Hyo Jin, the deeper his trouble becomes…

Resurrection of the Little Match Girl (Korean) 2002

A matchstick girl who was frozen after death 200 years ago (for failing to sell any matchsticks), becomes reborn in this movie which pays homage to computer games. Working at a Chinese restaurant, Ju (played by Kim Hyeonseong) is a game maniac who suffers from unrequited love with Hui-mi (Im Eungkyeong), who works part-time at a game room next door. One day, he meets a little matchstick girl of the same countenance as Hui-mi, and buys from her a gas lighter where he finds a phone number.

When he calls the number, he comes upon the question: “Will you please log in the game ‘Resurrection of the Little Match Girl?'” From that time on, Ju enters into the world of virtual reality with a view to save the girl and win her love, which is by no means an easy job. He has to fight against gangsters, secret agents, and commandos, sometimes with the help of a lesbian warrior named Lara (modeled after Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider”.

His final destination is the heart of the central computer operation system which gets rid of anyone who attains access to it. Indefatigable, Ju finally encounters an Orwellian “Big Brother” type boss who controls the whole computer system. The Matrix-like movie adroitly mixes the state-of-the-art techno game with Buddhist references, by sometimes presenting portions of Buddhist texts and mantra-like music. (from: http://kmovieaddicts.blogspot.com/2006/10/resurrection-of-little-match-girl.html)

AKA: Sungnyangpali sonyeoui jaerim
Year: 2002
Directed: Sun-Woo Jang
Genre: Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Runtime: approx. 123 min.
Country: South-Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Awards: Grand Bell Awards (2003)
Best Art Direction (Choi Jeong-Hwa)
Best Costume Design
Best Effects, Visual Effects (Cha Soo-min, Hwang Hyun-kyu, Kim Sung-hoon)
IMDB: http://imdb.com/title/tt0327169/

* Lim Eun-kyeong … Little Match Girl
* Kim Hyun-sung … Ju
* Kim Jin-pyo … Lee
* Sing Jin … Lala
* Gye-nam Myeong
* Jung Doo-hong … Oberan
* Kang Ta … Special Guest Star
* Lee Cheong-a
* Lee Han-garl … Orunpal
* Seo Jae-kyeong

Suicide Song (2007) (Japanese)

Original story by Yasushi AKIMOTO, writer of the mega hit movie One Missed Call (Chakushin Ari) series. As the project was in development with an idea of an “infectious song (Densen-Uta)”, one of the staff called out…”There was a real Densen-Uta!” He discovers on the internet of a song back in 1933, Hungary, which caused mysterious deaths of many people.

When Anzu Natsuno hears a hauntingly beautiful song come from the lips of a girl who just moments later commits suicide on her schools premises, she begins to look deeper into her school and the song. Meanwhile, Takashi, an editor at a B-grade subculture magazine, hears a rumor about a song that will cause its listeners to die. In half disbelief, he looks into the truth. But when Takashi runs across Anzu in his persuit, the two step closer towards the shocking truth.

Also Known As: Densen uta
Year: 2007
Directed: Masato Harada
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 129 mins
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English / Japanese
Cast: Ryuhei Matsuda, Yusuke Iseya, Yoshino Kimura, Hiroshi Abe

Sukiyaki Western Django (2007) (Japanese) BLURAY

Maverick Japanese director Takashi Miike re-teams with longtime writing partner Masa Nakamura (Andromedia, The Bird People of China) for this musical western inspired by Sergio Corbucci’s violent 1966 classic Django. It’s been hundreds of years since the Battle of Dannoura, yet the Genji and Heiki clans are still feuding. In this poor mountain town, there is rumored to be a great hidden treasure. Genji gang leader Yoshitsune is sure that his white-clad warriors will find the treasure first, but Kiyomori and his red-clothed Heike gang aren’t about to walk away empty handed. When a mysterious lone gunman with an incredibly fast trigger finger rolls into town, everyone wonders which gang he will join. As betrayal, deception, and cold-blooded murder become commonplace, the silence of this once-quiet mountain town will be broken by the piercing echo of gunfire and the air will become dense with the smell of death. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Year: 2007
Directed:Takashi Miike ( See here
Genre: Action / Western
Runtime: 120 mins
Country: Japanese
Language: English
Subtitles: N/A
Imdb. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0906665/
Cast: Hideaki Ito, Masanobu Ando, Koichi Sato, Kaori Momoi, Yusuke Iseya, Renji Ishibashi, Yoshino Kimura

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