Nowhere to Hide (Korean) 1999


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Lee Myung-sae has been called the “Korean Wong Kar-wai” for his visual creativity, irreverent genre deconstruction and unconventional narratives. Here he steps out of the romantic comedy genre and creates this exciting, visually stunning exercise in style. It revived Park Joong-hoon’s career, and gave hope to those who want something more than another Heroic Bloodshed clone or the umpteenth Young and Dangerous spin-off.

For years, reality wasn’t marketable for action movies. Directors were more interested in showing unrealistic icons or glamorizing young delinquents. That’s until Lee Myung-sae entered the arena with Nowhere To Hide, and it became the fourth most watched film of the year in Korea. Soon, the film was met with acclaim from Festivals all over the World, and a US and European release followed.

Nowhere To Hide shows what other action movies are afraid to: real life. Cops aren’t any better (or worse) than criminals, and they don’t necessarily have heroic values behind their actions. It’s just a job which mostly consists of waiting, waiting and waiting some more. Lee explores the full range of cop emotions with this film, from adrenaline rushes to “boring” stakeouts, and from intense, wacky anime-like fights, to cops and criminals eating ramen noodles together.

Directed by: Lee Myung-sae

Cast: Park Jung-hoon, Ahn Sung-ki, Jang Dong-gun, Choi Ji-woo

County………South Korea
Video……….1266Kbps XviD
Audio……….384Kbps AC3
Frame rate…..23Fps
Subtitles……English .srt

Bullet and Brain (Hong Kong) 2007


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Amidst the gunfights and bloodshed in a city of sin, there lived two legendary figures, known only as Bullet and Brain. Bullet, as the name suggests, is the sharpest shooter the city has ever seen and can take someone out with a pistol in less than a tenth of a second. Brain, on the other hand, is a calculated genius with excellent problem-solving skills, not to mention some cool gadgetry. These two men are called into action again when an old score involving a little girl needs to be settled.

Starring : Eric Tsang, Alex Fong, Anthony Wong, Francis Ng
Subtitles:…………… English Softsubs(.srt, .idx, .sub)
Release Date : 1st November 2007
Country : Hong Kong
Language : Cantonese
Subtitle : N/A
Running Time : 94 mins
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime
Director : KwokMan Keung
Local Distributor : Ram Entertainment

Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi (2006)


How a Japanese kid transformed the skating industry!
The rise, fall, and rebirth of Christian Hosoi, the young man who helped skateboarding re-emerge as a major cultural influence in the 1980s. The inventive skater and businessman was incarcerated in 2000 for trafficking controlled substances across state lines, and since his parole in 2004, the Born-Again Christian has dedicated his life to being a good father and positive influence on the sport.

Jay Adams … Himself – Zephyr Team
Tony Alva … Himself – Zephyr Team (also archive footage)
David Arquette … Himself
Eric ‘Tuma’ Britton … Himself – Pro Skater
Steve Caballero … Himself – Pro Skater (archive footage)
Kareem Campbell … Himself
Don Cassel … Himself
Sandro Dias … Himself
Herbie Fletcher … Himself – Surfer
Ray Flores … Himself – Skateboard Historian
Grant Fukuda … Himself
Pierre-Luc Gagnon … Himself – Pro Skater (as Pierre Luc Gagnon)
Jim Ganzer … Himself – Artist
Brad Gerlach … Himself – Surfer
Jeff Grosso … Himself – Pro Skater
Tony Hawk … Himself
Dennis Hopper … Narrator
Christian Hosoi … Himself (also archive footage)
Eric Koston … Himself
Shogo Kubo … Himself – Zephyr Team
Danny Kwock … Himself – Quicksilver
Jason Lee … Himself
Mike McGill … Himself – Pro Skater (archive footage)
Colin McKay … Himself
Lance Mountain … Himself – Pro Skater (also archive footage)
Jim Muir … Himself
Chad Muska … Himself – Pro Skater
Javier Nunez … Himself
Steve Olson … Himself – Pro Skater
Scott Oster … Himself – Pro Skater
Chris Pastras … Himself – Pro Skater
Brian Patch … Himself – Pro Skater
Max Perlich … Himself
Louanna Rawls … Herself – Stylist
Red Hot Chili Peppers … Themselves (archive footage) (as The Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Mickey Reyes … Himself
Josh Richman … Himself
Robert Rusler … Himself
Kelly Slater … Himself – Surfer
Craig Stecyk … Himself – Photographer (also archive footage)
Kevin Thatcher … Himself
Tony Trujillo … Himself
Sergie Ventura … Himself – Pro Skater (also archive footage)
Fausto Vitello … Himself – Independent Trucks (also archive footage)
Danny Way … Himself – Pro Skater

Drink, Drank, Drunk (Hong Kong) 2005


Miriam Yeung is Fung Siu-Man, a spunky Hong Kong girl who works as a Budweiser beer girl. For the uninitiated, a beer girl hangs out at local restaurants and hawks her sponsor’s beer onto the local patrons. Despite the sordid-sounding job, Siu-Man is actually quite wholesome and is the standard Miriam Yeung type, i.e. mouthy and independent, and in need of a proper boyfriend. Triad tough guy Brother Nine (Alex Fong Chung-Sun) digs her, but she won’t be his. Besides the fact that she doesn’t like blustery triad dudes, Siu-Man can drink Brother Nine and every other guy under the table. Siu-Man’s talent: total alcohol immunity, meaning nobody can get her drunk. Those expecting the movie to hinge on Siu-Man’s inability to get drunk had best look elsewhere. Gratefully, this isn’t a completely high-concept film.

Siu-Man meets the inebriated Michel (Daniel Wu), a French-Chinese chef who runs a local French eatery. However, business is bad; it seems Michel’s dishes are beyond the casual tastes of local Hong Kong residents, so it’s closing time. Michel is so broke that he doesn’t even have a place to live. Luckily, Siu-Man’s apartment is inordinately large for a beer girl, plus she’d like to open her own cafe. She makes Michel a deal: run his restaurant at night, and she’ll run a cafe by day, plus he’ll get room and board at her flat. For added fun, they can pretend to be platonic roommates after hours. Big surprise: that doesn’t happen, meaning audiences will swoon at the sight of Daniel Wu and Miriam Yeung getting it on pretty damn quick. But with the onset of a relationship comes all sorts of new troubles, i.e. commitment, marriage, differing goals, and the requisite romantic rivals. Will Siu-Man and Michel be able to make their cohabitation last?

Directed by: Derek Yee

Cast: Miriam Yeung, Daniel Wu, Alex Fong, Vincent Kok, Hu Jing, Ella Koon

County………Hong Kong
Video……….828kbps XviD
Audio……….127Kbps MP3
Frame rate…..23Fps
Subtitles……English .srt and English/Chinese sub/idx

Love for Share (2006) (Indonesian)


Three women from different backgrounds wrestle with the soul-crushing binds of polygamy in “Love for Share,” a frank treatment of a normally taboo subject that’s strong on heartfelt sympathy but weak on construction. Helmer Nia Dinata, whose “Arisan!” featured the first Indonesian onscreen gay kiss, doesn’t shy from difficult topics, but here her script cries out for greater focus and a firmer hold on development. Pic’s future won’t extend beyond scattered fest dates.

While each story is self-contained, characters intersect in small ways. Weakest segment is the first: On discovering her husband’s ever-increasing harem, ob/gyn Salma (Jajang C. Noer) struggles to reconcile her role as obedient Muslim wife with her sense of betrayal. In a crowded slum, Siti (Shanty) chafes as her uncle’s third bride, redefining her sense of individuality in the arms of fellow wife Dwi (Rieke Diah Pitaloka). Flirtatious Ming (Dominique) tries to use a secret marriage to the boss for her own ends, but wife number one isn’t feeling generous. Second segment was shot in Super 16, giving the grittier atmosphere a much-needed air of reality especially lacking in part one. Shifts in story-lines are clumsily handled.

Also Known As: Berbagi suami
Year: 2006
Directed: Nia Di Nata
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Cast:Jajang C Noer, Shanty, Dominique A. Diyose, El Manik
Runtime. 121mins
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Subtitles:. English

Magnifico (Filipino) 2003


Edna (Lorna Tolentino) speaks for many when she says, “Life is a never-ending misery.” In Maryo J. delos Reyes’s modest but engaging tear-jerker, she has reason to complain. Edna’s 7-year-old daughter, Helen (Isabella De Leon), has cerebral palsy and requires as much care as an infant. Her teenage son (Danilo Barrios), who was going to lift the family out of poverty, has lost his scholarship. Her 9-year-old, Magnifico (Jiro Manio), doesn’t show much promise beyond being a really sweet boy. Her beaten-down husband (Albert Martinez) has been working on the same Rubik’s cube for a year. And she has just learned that her live-in mother-in-law has cancer. That’s one more invalid to care for, and an impossible expense of 30,000 pesos (for the funeral) in the family’s future. But Magnifico, in the tradition of omniscient innocents in international films, is determined to help — and to charm everyone the way movie characters occasionally do, just by treating impending death matter-of-factly. He sets out to earn enough money for his grandmother’s funeral and gather enough scrap wood to build the coffin himself. (The coffin ends up being put to another use.) At the same time, he needs a wheelchair for Helen, so she can go to the carnival. No wonder he has no time for homework. It isn’t as maudlin as it sounds, thanks to understated lead performances. Mr. delos Reyes’s direction is sometimes extreme, and the Tagalog screenplay by Michiko Yamamoto is marred by almost unbelievably cold adults (unless the English subtitles are gross oversimplifications), but this melodrama works, in its fashion. — Anita Gates, The New York

Year: 2003
Directed:Maryo J De Los Reyes
Genre: Drama
Runtime:122 minutes
Country: Philippines
Language:Filipino / Tagalog
Subtitles: English(.idx, .subs, .srt)
IMDB: User Rating: 7.7/10