The Family that Eats Soil (Filipino) 2005

AKA: Ang Pamilyang Kumakain ng Lupa
Year: 2005
Runtime: 75 mins.
Country: Philippines
Language: English, Filipino, Spanish, Visayan
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Bizarre, Mature
Director: Khavn
Cast: Carlo Catap, Hamid Eton, Elizabeth Marin, Gil mendoza, Hazel Magno, Edward Vitto, Gigi Duque
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Renegade filmmaker Khavn turns traditional Filipino values on their head in this surreal and taboo-shattering allegory about a family that dines exclusively on soil. Her birthday fast approaching, the baby wishes that for once her family could have a normal meal as her big sister has group sex on camera while pining for their wholesome next-door neighbor. Meanwhile, their gangster big brother commits a heinous act of murder before seeing his best friend killed and being pursued by the police; dad injects hospital children with experimental chemicals; mom peddles drugs and hookers on a seedy cable television show; and grandpa is a zombie.

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