On the Mountain of Tai Hang (Chinese) 2005

AKA: Tai Hang shan shang
Year: 2005
Directed: Wei Lang, Shen Dong, Chen Jian
Genre: War
Runtime 117 min
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English hard
Cast: Zhang Lin, Alan Lau Tak Hoi, Wang Wu-Fu, Liu De-Kay, Tony Leung Ka-Fai
IMDB: On the Mountain of Tai Hang

Synopsis / Plot

During the Anti-Japanese War, China was in a critical time under the invasion of Japan. The commander-in-chief Zhu De led main force of the Eighth Route Army to cross Huanghe River to the battlefront to confront with the Japanese Army bravely. They established revolutionary base areas in Tai Hang Shan and begun their confrontation with the Japanese Army. With limited support from Kuomintang, the Eighth Route Army still won eleven important campaigns. For examples, the Pingxingguan War, surprise attack on Yangmingbao airport of Japanese army at night, and the killing of the “Flower of Country Protection”, Abuguixiu brought glory to China people and also splendid future to China.

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