Haunted Mansion (1998) Hong Kong

 Aka : Heunggong dai 1 hung chak
Year : 1998
Runtime : 90 Minutes
Country :
Hong Kong
Language : 
Genre :
Director : 
To Lai-chi
Cast :
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Gigi Lai Chi, Helena Law Lan, Spencer Lam Seung-Yi, Shirley Cheung Yuk-Shan, James Lee Shing-Chak


Gigi and her husband Fai move in to an old mansion to join her mother and sister Fan. While moving in, they meet a feng shui professor called Tin Bo Chiu, who tells them that their mansion is located in an inauspicious spot, and is likely to attract ghosts. He also warns them to leave the house within seven days or they will encounter trouble. However, Gigi and Fai ignore him.

Before long, Gigi notices strange things happening. The phone rings frequently at night but nobody is on the line. Gigi’s mother is senile, but one night she appears normal and chats with Gigi before disappearing mysteriously later. Fai and Fan also start behaving abnormally. At one point, a businessman shows up and attempts to force Gigi to sell the land to him but Gigi refuses. The businessman then sends two thugs to burn down the mansion but the thugs are scared away by ghosts. The businessman is later mysteriously strangled to death, while his wife is sexually assaulted by an unseen force.

Gigi seeks help from her colleague, Uncle Ming, who suggests that Fai and Fan may be possessed by spirits. As Gigi’s mother used to be a ghostbuster, they attempt to summon her spirit back to help them. Gigi’s mother tells them the paranormal events are actually linked to the vengeful ghost of Gigi’s aborted daughter, who has been instigating other spirits to take revenge on her mother. Gigi’s mother teaches Gigi how to restore Fai and Fan back to their original states.

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