Emergency Act 19 (Korean) 2002

After some musicians won the elections for president in some countries in europe and in the US, the korean president enacts “Emergency Act No. 19″. Now all singers are outlawed and hunted down by the army. Two young male singers, Ju-hyeon No and Kyeong-min Hong, are hidden by some of their fans…

Most of these scenes in the movie are very funny and humorous, but don’t expect any intense drama there. In addition, the film also contains some interesting political metaphors that may not appear too meaningful for outsiders who know nothing about the politics in Korea.

Also known as: Emergency Act 19 / Gimgeubjochi 19ho / Emergency 19
Year: 2002
Directed: Tae-gyu Kim
Genre: Satire / Parody / Action / Comedy / Revolution
Runtime: 01:46:46
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English Soft-subbed

Kim Jang-hoon as himself
Hong Kyung-min as himself
Kong Hyo-jin as Min-ji
No Ju-hyeon as the Chief Secretary
Ju Yeong-hun as himself
Cameos: Baby V.O.X., Shinhwa, Kangta, Brown Eyes, Click-B, Fin.K.L, NRG, Can, Harisu,
Chakra & Koyote

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