Cooking Without Clothes (Singapore) 2009

AKA : Cooking Without Clothes
Year : 2009
Runtime : 1he 36 min
Country : Singapore
Language : Mandarin
Subtitles : English | Chinese Simplified
Genre : Drama
Director : Jean Yeo
Cast : Joseph Chang, Ann Kwok
Link : StarGazing

Synopsis :

When Jeff quit his engineer job in pursuit of his dream as a professional chef, he could never imagine his father’s violent objection. By sheer chance, he was discovered by a veteran TV producer, Jia Ying, whose cooking program was facing a crisis after their diva host, Yang Tai, walked out of the production. Jia Ying managed to turn Jeff into an up and coming celebrity chef through professional packaging. In the meantime, Jeff’s father joined force with Yang Tai in a plot to stop Jeff’s dream and resurrect Yang Tai’s dying career.

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