Tumbok (2011) – Philippines

Release Name: Tumbok (Poison Arrow)
Release Date: 2011
Genre: horror
Language: Filipino/Tagalog
Cristine Reyes as Grace
Carlo Aquino as Ronnie
Ryan Eigenmann as Mark
Ara Mina as Rita
Jao Mapa as Benjie
DJ Durano as Ward
LJ Moreno as Lumen
Wendy Valdez as Lizet
Malou de Guzman as Elsie
Ana Capri as Idang
Abby Bautista as Isay
Dino Imperial as Gio
Francheska Salcedo as Yumi

“After they tie the knot, newlyweds Grace (Cristine Reyes) and Ronnie (Carlo Aquino) inherit a run-down condominium unit from the unexpected death of Ronnie’s dad under eerie circumstances. The building stands right at the center of the crossroads of three streets, an unlucky location referred to as “Tumbok”. Such a place is believed by the superstitious to gather negative spiritual energy and bring bad fortune to all who dare to live there. Not long after moving in, Grace begins to sense something strange about the place and those who also live there. More horrible than the inexplicable things she is witnessing, is the abuse she begins to experience nightly in her dreams. Disturbed, terrified and pregnant with child, Grace must somehow try to uncover the secret behind all the dread misfortunes they are experiencing before it is too late and they cannot escape from the place of horror they now call home.”


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