Snaker / Kuon puos keng kang (2001) – Cambodia

Also Known As: The Snake King’s Child
Year: 2001
Country: Cambodia | Thailand
Genres:  Fantasy | Horror | Romance
Director: Fai Sam Ang
Language: Central Khmer
Cast: Fai Sam AngWinai Kraibutr, Pich Chanbormey, Tep Rindaro, Om Portevy, Heng Dary, Sam Polida, Chao Channary,   Tim Angkeara, Khay Brasoeu, Em Sovanphala, Neay Koy, Neay Krim, Ieay Phan, Chhim Sovann, Nuth Pinratha

Plot: Based on a Cambodian folk tale. In a small Thai village, Nhi comes across a Snake Immortal and falls in love with him. She becomes pregnant by the snake, but does not tell her husband. When he discovers the truth, he kills both Nhi and the Snake Immortal. One of the small snakes escapes from Nhi’s abdomen, and is brought up by another immortal. Slowly the snake grows up to be a beautiful woman, who sets out to develop another relationship.

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