Heaven and Hell (2012) – Thailand

AKA : Wong Jom Pid
Year : 2012
Country: Thailand
Language : Thai
Film Genre : Horror
IMDB : None
Director : Yuthlert Sippapak, Tiwa Moeithaisong
Cast : Akarin Akaranitimetharat, Artit Tangwiboonpnitch, Chayanee Thitimool, Panita Thammawattna

Plot/Synopsis :  Yuthlert Sippapak is renowned for his penchant for mixing genres in his films. And he can’t restrain himself from leaping from suspense to comedy to drama and back again to suspense even in a short film. His crazy genre-bending yields mixed results in Heaven and Hell (Wong Jorn Pid, ???????), a trio of “found footage” horror shorts purportedly taken from security cameras.


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