When you love and when you are loved (2010) – Japan

Year: 2010
Country: Japan
Genres: Drama, Erotic
Director: Takahisa Zeze
Cast: Midori Ezawa, Kawai Ryunosuke, Akira Erie, Shiga Kotaro, Mutsuo Yoshioka, Takeshi Ito

Plot:  An entry in a series focused on “love” and “erotica,” in which six creators from multiple fields — from film and TV to direct-to-video and manga — compete. Director Zeze Takahisa, known for his bold undertakings, including Heaven’s Story, presents an unabashed depiction of the tormented heart of a woman who lives in the countryside. Yuko (Ezawa Midori) meets the man (Kawai Ryunosuke) suspected of leaking inappropriate pictures of her younger sister having an affair onto the Internet. She agrees to let him take nude photos of her on the condition that he stays away from her sister.

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