Silent Code (2012) – Taiwan

Movie: Silent Code
Also Known As: BBS?????, BBS Xiang Min de Zheng Yi
Year: 2012
Country: Taiwan
Film Genre: Drama, Thriller, Animation
Runtime: 105 minutes
Release Date: 17 August 2012
Language: Mandarin
Director: Lin Shiyong
Writer: Lin Shiyong

Wilson Chen
Ivy Chen
Hsiu Chieh-Kai
Liao Yiqiao
Ken Lin
Hu Xiaofang
Cai Huangru
Puff Guo

Reporter Lan (“Blue”) Puff Kuo XueFu) feels a special sense of calling for her work. She seeks the truth; to find and report the truth of the matter is the standard she’s set for herself. She thought that entering the news and reporting world would be the perfect space for her, but her boss has her looking for news on the Internet instead. By accident, Blue stumbles across a popular BBS forum with over 100,000 members. She watches as the forum’s members rise up together to attack the owner of the Dream Board, ? Xiang Ivy Chen YiHan). She originally created the Dream Board website as a space for netizens to share their own dreams and ideas. However, because of a private video that was leaked to the public,Xiang became the subject of a heated debate. Netizens attacked Xiang viciously on the Internet, and she even received countless harassing phone calls. In the midst of these attacks, only one person stood up for her, a computer engineer named Huang GuanJun Hsiu ChiehKai/Xiu JieKai); however, the relentless attacks were still too much for Xiang to bear.

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