Saeng Saeng Hwal Hwal (2013) – South Korea

Also Known As: Eating, Talking, Faucking
Hangul: ????
Director: Park Chul Soo
Release Date: 2011
Runtime: 100 min.
Genre: Drama
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Cast: Oh In Hye, Oh Gwang Rok , Kim Sung Min , Yideokhwa

Eating, Talking, Faucking consists of 18 episodes. Some of which include a story of a 70’s old man and 14-year-old kids talking candidly, a story of a soldier who is about to die and a serial killer, a story of men and women who have a blind date in the nude and a story of the creator who made human beings and mediates desires. All of which, contains honest sex talk on the screen.

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