Rent a Cat (2012) – Japan

Also known as: Rentaneko
Year: 2012
Country: Japanese
Directed by: Naoko Ogigami
Duration: 1 hr, 50 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English (embedded)
Mikako Ichikawa
Reiko Kusamura
Ken Mitsuishi
Maho Yamada
Kei Tanaka
Katsuya Kobayashi

An odd woman named Sayoko (Mikako Ichikawa) rents cats to lonely people. Some of the renters include an old woman who lost her husband and her cat, a middle-aged man who moved away from his family for work, a woman at a reception desk who questions her existence and a man who has a connection with Sayoko.


  1. Adrián Vázquez says:

    look like an interesting movie!

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