My Brother (2004) (Korean)

Sung-hyun (elder brother) was born with a hare-lip, a condition of incomplete development on the roof of the mouth. The father threw baby Sung-hyun away out of embarrassment but the mother recovered the baby back, determined to keep the child. Soon, the father died from illness and mother is pregnant again with Jong-hyun (younger brother). Single handedly, she raised the two children by herself with her debt collecting business…

Year Released: 2004
Directed By: Kwon-tae Ahn
Writer:Kwon-tae Ahn
Genre: Drama
Cast: Ha-kyun Shin, Bin Won, Hae-suk Kim, Bo-young Lee, Tae-wook Kim
Running Time: 112 Minutes
Also known as: Uri Hyeong (My Brother)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
IMDb Link:

(7.2 rating out of 10)

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