INSIDIAE (2011) – Phillipines

GENRE: Drama/Love Story
Simon Cruz
Jen Aranda
Khit Marcos

Scriptwriter: Mela San Pedro
Cinematographer: Nikki Bautista
Production Manager: Jackie Lou Samson
Line Manager: Shannen Soriano
Production Designer: Angelica Rivera
Props Master: Nhel Umali
Musical Director: Ren Gamba
Continuity Person: Irene Menpin
Camera person: Phoebe So
Clapper: Carol Tionghoy
Still photographers: Geneveive Quilicot, Dahlia Sacapaño, Lyka Ona
Gaffer: Arnold Baldonado
Production assistants: Daisy Acuña, Minnie Villena
Film Editor: Joan Acuar
Assistant Diretor: John Reynald Guibone
Story and Directed by Jey Soliva

This independent short film was is solely for entertainment purposes only and is not for sale
This was filmed for a school project of Mass Communication Senior students of Universidad De Manila Batch 2012
CineMalikhain Productions Presents “INSIDIAE”
Intoxicated and high, Ariel (Simon Cruz) ventures his thoughts from betrayal and skepticisms of his girlfriend’s (Jennifer Aranda) death. Reminiscence of falling in and perhaps out of love to pain and agony brought by a third party burning their four-year love story to ash haunted him.
What was it that really happened? Will Ariel be able to pull himself together and move on?

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