Heartbeat Love (2012) – Taiwan

Title: Heartbeat Love
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Directed: Leste Chen
Country: Taiwan
Filmed: Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania)
Runtime: It started 12 April 2012, and aired every Thursday midnight Taiwan time (i.e. early Thursday morning).
strongLanguage: Mandarin

Heartbeat Love is a miniseries that chronicles the love story between two travelers named Lee Wei Chen and Yang Xiao Yu (played by Show Luo and Rainie Yang respectively) who, due to a gender misunderstanding on Xiao Yu’s part, share a hotel room in Australia. Xiao Yu initially mistakes Lee as being gay, and therefore agrees to share a room and sleep on the same bed as him. (This misunderstanding happened because Lee accidentally exchanged his bag with a gay named GayGay.) The night when they share the room Lee manages to get Gaygay’s phone number and arranges to meet up the next day and switch back the suitcases.


  1. “… exchanged his bag with a gay”

    LOL. As this was shot in my home city I’ll have to hunt this down. Looks decent.

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