Aiyyaa (India) 2012

AKA: – Aiyyaa
Country: India
Year: – 2012
Language: Hindi
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Duration: – 2 hours 25 minutes
Director: – Sachin Kundalkar
Cast: – Rani Mukerji, Prithviraj, Subodh Bhave
Aiyaa is the story of a Marathi girl who falls in love with a Tamil artist. The West-South cultural clashes between these two distinct personalities form the basic plot of the film. AIYYAA takes on a novel premise and transports you to an altogether new world. This time, it’s about a middle class family living in Mumbai. What sets it apart is that this Maharashtrian girl – Tamil guy love story is woven around the concept of smell/aroma. Also, a lot many middle class girls feel suffocated when they can’t choose the guy they want to spend the rest of their life with. In AIYYAA, the girl chooses her own groom, defying her family’s choice. But AIYYAA is not a serious take on the institution of marriage. It’s an amusing journey, actually. What makes this film stand apart is that it does away with the crutches of big stars [except Rani], forced humor, unnecessary songs, international locales or grandiose sets. Its strength lies in its cohesive script and able performances.

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