Just For Fun (2012) – China

A.K.A: ::
Cast: Li Yi Xiang Yixiang Li,
Lu Weiguo Weiguo Lu
1h 32mn
Subtitles: China/English HardSub

homemade movies “bandit” township commended caused Cai Jia Zhuang villagers creative boom, every day, villagers blocked the door to send the script, This has also allowed him complain incessantly, had to pretend to be sick “refuge”. Suddenly heard returning home from work in town, and grew up playing good buddy Bao Qiang crazy message. Ran turned out to be a look at young people wishing Caibao Jiang bent dream boarded Gala is hoping to become famous overnight Fortunately, major cities successful career, buy a house then the parents went to live in his madness rehearsal on the Spring Festival program has terrified parents and villagers. ??Talented brother to Yuan Bao Qiang on the Spring Festival Evening Dream, actually led the villagers roaring Dodo huh “village late. Planning to do, looking for unique skills, ranked programs, sponsorship, televised … led the villagers to start a lot of people would have been unthinkable to do a kind of mold. Bring both laughter touched, neither ordinary nor extraordinary story.

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