I Am A King (2012) – South Korea

Movie: I am the King (English title)
Revised romanization:
Naneun Wangyirosoyida
?? ??????
Jang Gyu-Sung
Joo Ji-hoon, Baek Yoon-sik, Byeon Hee-bong
Hwang Sung-Goo
Kim Won-Guk, Kang Young-Mo, Lee Sung-Jin
Kim Dong-Cheon
Release Date:
August 9, 2012
120 min.
Comedy / Period-15th Century
Lotte Entertainment
South Korea

Story :
When his older brothers Yangnyeong and Hyoryeong fail to impress their father King Taejong, the king makes a royal command for Choong-nyung to become the next ruler of the kingdom instead. The prince, who strongly refuses to become the king and just wants to live a happy and stress-free life buried in his books, chooses to escape the palace before his coronation ceremony. After hours of contemplation, Choong-nyung escapes by climbing over the palace wall. There he runs into a bad-tempered drunken slave named Deok-chil, who happens to be at the palace to save the love of his life that was captured by government officials and put in prison for being the daughter of a suspected spy. Deok-chil perfectly resembles the prince, so Choong-nyung instantly grabs the chance to disguise himself as a slave and they exchange clothes with each other. In a terrible twist of fate, when Choong-nyung wakes up after being knocked unconscious, he is mistaken for a slave and Deok-chil gets put on the throne. As Choong-nyung ventures outside the palace walls, he begins to open his eyes to the people living in extreme poverty and experiences the life of the common man.


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