Zombie Fight Club (2014) – Taiwan


Title: Zombie Fight Club
AKA: ??
Genre: Horror
Release Date: 23 October 2014
Runtime: 95 min
Director: Joe Chen
Rating: 2.9/10 from 8 users
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English, Chinese T/S
Jessica Cambensy
Abby Fung
Chang Han

It‘s the end of the century at a corner of the city in a building riddled with crime – Everyone in the building has turned into zombies. After Jenny‘s boyfriend is killed in a zombie attack, she faces the challenge of surviving in the face of adversity. In order to stay alive, she struggles with Andy to flee danger.

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A Borrowed Life (1994) – Taiwan


Directed: Wu Nien-jen
Cast: Akio Chen, Jun Fu, Yung-Feng Lee
Genre: Drama
Year: 1994
Runtime: 167′
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin, Min Nan, Japanese
Also Known As: Duo Sang
Subtitles: ENGLISH and hardcoded Chinese

Sega, a Taiwanese born in the years of Japanese rule, felt closer to Japanese nationality and culture than to the Mainland Chinese authorities who took over in 1945. The Japanese contributed to the development of the island and its social infrastructure, leaving behind efficient and popular education and health-care systems. Conversely, Wen-Jian is typical of the sons born to Sega’s generation. Born and raised under Chinese government, their natural allegiance is to Chinese culture. They are inevitably mystified by and impatient with their parents’ fondness for Japanese culture and rule, their bafflement intensified by all they are taught about Japanese imperialist ambitions and wartime atrocities. Tjos os a generational conundrum with no solution, doubtless unique to Taiwan.

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Mayday Nowhere (2014) – Taiwan

Title: Mayday Nowhere
AKA: Wu Yue Tian Nuo Ya Fang Zhou
Genre: Drama, Documentary, Music
Release Date: 2013
Runtime: 1h 54mn
Director: Peter Liu
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese Hardcoded
Lau Ming
Jerry Yan
Ariel Lin
Hui-min Lin
The premise of the story is based upon the Mayan doomsday prophecy for December 21st, 2012. Though the end of days did not happen according to the prophecy, humanity’s greed and abuse of nature and the society finally resulted in an accident at the new power plant one day. Humanity suffered the consequences of their own actions and civilization was destroyed.
The story begins with a little boy who finds a guitar. He is united with his grandfather the eve before human civilization meets its end.
His grandfather thinks about the life events and romances which passed him by because he did not learn to play the guitar. He calls his past self in hopes to change the past. This alters life as a whole and brings human civilization back from the brink of destruction.

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Cafe Waiting Love (2014) – Taiwan


Title: Cafe Waiting Lov
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Release Date: August 15, 2014
Runtime: 120 minutes
Director: Chiang Chin-lin
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English, Chinese
Megan Lai
Sung Yuhua
Marcus C
Pauline Lan
Lee Luo
Vivian Chow

College Freshman Si-ying gets a part-time job at “Cafe. Waiting. Love” coffee shop, where she befriends Abusi, a tomboyish barista who can make any coffee the customers request, the beautiful and mysterious cafe owner, and Zeyu, the bot who always sits in the same spot in the cafe and seems to be very popular with girls.

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David Loman (2013) – Taiwan

Title: David Loman
Original Title: ????
Director:  Chiu Li-Kwan
Writer: Chiu Li-Kwan
Genre: Action/Comedy
Language: Mandarin/Min Nan/English
Country: Taiwan
Runtime: 98 min
Year: 2013
Release Date: 1 February 2013 (Taiwan)
Subtitle: English/Chinese 

Liang plays David Loman, a simple country bumpkin who accidentally becomes a big boss in the criminal underworld. A decade passes, and life seems to go on as usual — drinking tea, solving everyday problems for locals and receiving “protection fees” — until one day a deity tells David through a medium that he needs to find a double to avoid a catastrophe.

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Saving Mother Robot (2013) – Taiwan

Movie: Saving Mother Robot
Chinese: ??2?
Literal Title: Mother Android II
Director: Jue Ga-Lun
Writer: Jue Ga-Lun, Tsai Yi-Fen
Genre: Comedy,Fantasy
Runtime: 87 Minutes
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 9 August 2013
Subtitle: Chinese & English Hardcoded

tells the story of single mother Cao Yi (Vivian Hsu), whose everyday life consists of her finding ways to make money and raise her young son, Xiao Hu (child actor Ah Duan ??). However, Xiao Hu feels that his mother does not have enough time to spend with him, so he frequently acts out in response. He also fantasizes that his mother will turn into the legendary “Madeleine” robot. Coincidentally, Cao Yi’s superior sends her to become an assistant to Xiao Tie (Huang Xiaoming), an eccentric photographer whose hobby is obsessively searching for UFOs. Because Xiao Tie was also raised in a single-parent home, he interacts with Xiao Hu in interesting ways and ultimately helps the young boy understand his mother’s situation.

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