Graveyard of Honor (2002) – Japan

Also known as: New Graveyard of Honor
Year: 2002
Country: Japan
Directed by: Takashi Miike
Duration: 2 hours, 10 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English (embedded)

Narumi Arimori – Chieko Kikuta
Yoshiyuki Daichi – Yoshiyuki Ooshita
Hirotaro Honda – Correctional officer
Harumi Inoue – Yoko Imamura
Renji Ishibashi – Denji Yukawa
Goro Kishitani – Rikuo Ishimatsu
Takashi Miike – Restaurant gunman

Ishimatsu is nothing more than an anonymous dishwasher when he saves the life a yakuza Godfather. As thanks for his act of bravery, Ishimatsu is welcomed into the Sawada family as a high ranking soldier, even though he has no real experience within the mob. As Ishimatsu moves forward within the organization, it becomes clear that he is a wildcard player, prone to unexpected outbursts of violence that are unwarranted even in the world of Japanese gangsters. When the wallflowerish Chieko (Narimi Arimori) catches his eye, Ishimatsu’s idea of seduction is violently raping her. His explosive acts of violence eventually land him in jail, where he befriends Kôzô Imamura (Ryôsuke Miki), a fellow gangster from another yakuza clan who swears brotherhood to Ishimatsu. After serving his sentence, Ishimatsu returns to the outside world, where he is greeted by his gang, Imamura and even Chieko, who has fallen in love with her attacker. But when a minor misunderstanding sets off Ishimatsu’s irrational temper, he reacts by trying to kill the leader of the Sadawa clan. This sets into motion one act of violence after another, while at the same time Ishimatsu succumbs to the temptation of heroin, making him even more unpredictable and volatile. Soon, Cheiko is also strung out, and the two lovers continue a downward spiral into the hellish oblivion that waits just on the other side of deadly shootouts.

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Kappa (Tatsuya Ishii) (1994) – Japan

complete name:Kappa (Tatsuya Ishii, 1994) – Water Creature_goodobad.avi
Format: AVI
Format/Info: Audio Video Interleave
File size: 1.45 GiB
Duration: 1h 57mn
Overall bit rate: 1 767 Kbps
Writing application: VirtualDubMod (build 2540/release)
Writing library: VirtualDubMod build 2540/release

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My Man 2014 – Japan


Title: My Man
AKA: Watashi no otoko
Genre: Crime | Drama | Romance
Release Date:
Runtime: 2h 9mn
Rating: 6.9/10 from 93 users
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese

Tadanobu Asano, Fumi Nikaidô, Tatsuya Fuji

9-year-old Hana lost her family in the 1993 earthquake and tsunami in Hokkaido. Jungo is a relative of Hana and begins to take care of her. Since then, Hana decides that she will never separate from Jungo. Years later, Hana marries Yoshiro. When Hana returns from her honeymoon she finds that Jungo has disappeared.

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In The Hero (2014) – Japan

Year: 2014
Country: Japan
Director: Masaharu Take
Writer: Keiya Mizuno
Genre: Action / Drama
Runtime: 124 min
Language: Japanese, English
Release Date: September 6, 2014

Synopsis/ Plot:
48-year-old Wataru Honjo (Toshiaki Karasawa) is a big fan of Bruce Lee and works as a suit actor (stunts performer wearing costumes). He is also president of “Shimoachiai Hero Action Club”. Even though he doesn’t have the typical body type for his profession he has worked in the business for 25 years. Wataru doesn’t get along with cocky rookie suite actor Ryo Ichinose, but an incident draws them closer. Ryo Ichinose then takes an audition for a Hollywood movie and passes. For the fighting scene in the climax scene, the action actor quits citing the scene is too dangerous. The movie staff hears that Wataru is the best Japanese action actor and offers the job to him. Will Wataru go for it?

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Fatal Frame (2014) – Japan


Title: Fatal Frame
Genre: Horror
Release Date: 26 September 2014 (Japan)
Runtime: 104 min
Director: Mari Asato
Rating: 6.2/10 from 23 users
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese

Kodai Asaka, Minori Hagiwara, Fujiko Kojima

High school student Aya Tsukimori becomes cursed and is unable to leave her school dormitory. Meanwhile, many students begin reporting ghost sightings at the school, while others go missing and are later discovered to have drowned mysteriously. Soon, Aya attempts to communicate with fellow student Michi Kazato, who begins investigating the disappearances of her friends.

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Oh Brother Oh Sister (2014) – Japan


Title: Oh Brother, Oh Sister!
AKA: Onodera no otôto, Onodera no ane
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 25 October 2014 (Japan)
Runtime: 114 mins
Director: Masafumi Nishida
Rating: 4.9/10 from 8 users
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Osamu Mukai, Hairi Katagiri, Kumiko Asô

Since their parents died at an early age, Susumu and Yoriko have lived together. Susumu is now 33-years-old and Yoriko is 40-years-old. Both of them have yet to marry. They are like most siblings and they rely on each other. One day, Susumu and Yoriko receive a letter that is sent to the wrong address.

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