On the Job (2013) – Philippines

Movie: On the Job
AKA: OTJ: On the Job / On the Job Training / Symvolaia thanatou
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Erik Matti
Screenwriters: Erik Matti, Michiko Yamamoto
Cinematographer: Ricardo Buhay III
Stars: Joel Torre, Gerald Anderson, Piolo Pascual, Angel Aquino, Michael De Mesa
Release Dates: 28 Aug 2013 (Philippines) / … / 27 Sep 2013 (USA & Canada [limited]) / …
Source: BluRay (thanks to ROVERS)
Country: Philippines
Languages: Filipino + Tagalog + English
Subtitles: English (embedded)

On the Job focuses on four men. Both of them as a group, each stood on either side of the law. Film explores the impact of their actions to their families.
A gritty crime-thriller about four men struggling to survive and a make living for themselves and their respective loved ones. Two are former prison inmates, hired as contract killers, and the two other are law enforcers and investigators, caught in the loop of corrupt government officials. Mario intends to go straight when he gets parole, and Daniel a younger inmate and Mario’s apprentice, is set to replace him as hired killer. Joaquin and Francis are the police officers tangled in a moral conflict. The two groups inevitably collide.

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When The Love Is Gone (2013) – Philippines

Genre : Comedy, Drama
Distributor : Viva Films / Multivision Pictures
Year : 2013
Country : Philippines
Director : Andoy Ranay
Source : DVD / Promoter

Cristine Reyes as Cassandra “Cassie”
Gabby Concepcion as Emman
Alice Dixson as Audrey
Andi Eigenmann as Jenny
Jake Cuenca as Rudy/Yuri

When The Love Is Gone stars Gabby Concepcion, Cristine Reyes, Jake Cuenca, Andi Eigenmann, and Alice Dixson.
It is the story of Emman (Gabby) and Audrey (Alice), a loving couple whose marriage turns cold because Audrey becomes so engrossed with her business. She eventually fails to give quality time for her husband and their daughter Jenny (Andi).
This prompts Emman to seek his need for intimacy and affection from a much younger and equally beautiful woman, Cassandra (Cristine). Cassie (Cassandra’s nickname) has just ended her marriage with Yuri (Jake), an aspiring politician with a dark secret.

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She’s The One (2013) – Philippines

Title: She’s the One
Director: Mae Cruz
Writer: Vanessa R. Valdez
Genre: Drama | Romance
Language: Tagalog | English
Country: Philippines
Runtime: 110 min
Year: 2013
Release Date: 16 October 2013 (Philippines)
Subtitle: English

A morning show host suddenly realizes what he really wants when his best friend turns out to be the subject of a romantic viral video that captures the attention of the whole nation.

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SiLip (1985) – Philippines

AKA: Daughters Of Eve
Year: 1985
Directed: Elwood Perez
Genre: Erotica
Runtime: 2:05:38
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino
Subtitles: English
Maria Isabel Lopez, Sarsi Emmanuel, Myra Manibog, Mark Joseph,

Synopsis / Plot: 
In the tradition of Japanese “Pink” cinema comes this shocking, violent and sex-filled movie that caused an outrage when it was screened at the Chicago Film Festival.  Starring the former Miss Philippines, the stunning Maria Isabel Lopez (in her most revealing role ever), SILIP – DAUGHTERS OF EVE is an eye-opening example of raw and savage filmmaking from one of the Philippines’ most innovative directors, Elwood Perez.  Set in the beautiful and remote countryside of Ilongo, the story tells of three young women and their struggle to come to terms with their own sexuality against a background of religious oppression and male brutality. SILIP – DAUGHTERS OF EVE has been a well-kept secret amongst collectors of arcane and extreme films, talked about in awed tones but rarely seen… until now!  Presented completely uncut and uncensored, SILIP – DAUGHTERS OF EVE is the ultimate cult movie and guaranteed not to disappoint.

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Boy Pick Up the Movie (2012) – Philippines

Title: Boy Pick-Up: The Movie
Director: Dominic Zapata
Writer: Ogie Alcasid,Aloy Adlawan
Genre: Comedy
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Country:  Philippines
Runtime: 110 minutes
Year: 2012
Release Date: 6 June 2012 (Philippines)
Subtitle: English

There is an underground battle going on in the name of love. The soldiers are all Pikapistas! With pickup lines as their weapons to woo the gorgeous Neneng B (Sam Pinto), the war sizzles in the dark corners of the metro. And there is one undefeated champion among them: Boy Pick-up (Ogie Alcasid)! Legendary, enigmatic, hypnotic, that’s his appeal to most who don’t get what his lines are all about, but his words penetrate their hearts just the same. Despite his underground fame and legend, Boy Pick-up lives a normal and solitary life. When his landlady asks Boy to love her in exchange for several months of rent due, Boy is forced to look for a new job.

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The Fighting Chefs (2013) – Philippines

Title: The Fighting Chefs
Director: Ronnie Ricketts
Writer: Ronnie Ricketts , Joey Chua
Genre: Action | Comedy
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Country:  Philippines
Runtime: 110 min
Year: 2013
Release Date: 6 March 2013 (Philippines)
Subtitle: English

A group of chefs is divided into two fighting groups after learning they only have three months before they’re all fired from their restaurant.

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