Compassion (2014) – South Korea


Title: Compassion
Revised romanization: Cheon Beoneul Bulreodo
Hangul: ? ?? ???
Director: Shin Sung-Sub
Release Date: October 16, 2014
Runtime: 97 min.
Distributor: Mountain Pictures
Genre: Drama / Family
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: English & Korean (idx/sub embedded)

Lee Chung-Mi – Jung Ha-Na
KimChoi Yong-Joon – Kim Dae-Hyun
Jung Min-Sung – Kim Sang-Tae
Park Jung-Sik – Jo-Gon

High school student Ha-Na experiences trouble sleeping after her classmate Jin-A committed suicide. Not being able to sleep, Ha-Na sees her parents fighting. The next day, her parents act like nothing happened the night before. She doesn’t like her parents hypocritical behavior. Around this time, Se-Mi, a senior in the band club, approaches Ha-Na. Ha-Na begins to act differently, but she becomes to regret her behavior. A rumor spreads about her and she becomes the target of bullies.

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Entangled (2014) – South Korea

Title: Entangled
AKA: ???  Hankijeung
Genre: Drama, Family
Release Date:  November 6, 2014
Runtime: 94 min
Director: Lee Don-ku
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

Kim Yeong-ae
Do Ji-won
Song Il-gook
Kim So-eun
Hong Jeong-ho
Choi Yoo-song

Filmmaker Lee Don-ku who was invited to the Busan International Film Festival, New Currents with his debut film “Fatal” (2012) returns with a tale of irreversible tragedy in his second feature Entangled. There is a house where a family of four live: mother, her eldest daughter Younghee who is married, younger daughter Kkotnip who is in high school and Younghee’s husband Sangho. The family is filled with happiness when Younghee gives birth to a child, but an unfortunate mishap caused by mother leads to the death of the child. Totally distraught, Younghee decides to leave her mother’s house with her husband. Mother’s Alzheimer’s condition worsens with the couple moving out and Kkotnip is forced to live in anxiety. At school she is pushed around by schoolmate Junghye and at home she has to deal with her mother who has issues of controlling her emotions. With no one to help her, Kkotnip is driven to the edge. A film that depicts how a happy family is destroyed, actress Kim Yeong-ae gives a superb performance as mother.

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Tokyo Family (2013) – Japan

Romaji: Tokyo Kazoku 
Yoji Yamada 
Yoji Yamada, Emiko Hiramatsu 
Hiroshi Fukazawa, Takashi Yajima 
Masashi Chikamori 
Release Date:
January 19, 2013 
: 146 min. 
Drama / Family 
Isao Hashizume, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yu Aoi

Yasujiro Ozu’s 1953 masterpiece Tokyo Story is regarded by many as the greatest film in the history of Japanese cinema, a finely wrought tale of human fragility amidst the rampant social upheaval of post-war Japan.
In Tokyo Family, 81-year-old modern master Yôji Yamada transports Ozu’s opus to the Japan of today – a country where economic hope has waned and the threat to tradition is more pronounced than ever.
Elderly Shukichi and Tomiko swap their remote island home for Tokyo to spend some time with their three grown-up and very different children. Overcome with the stresses of the city, the kids absently shuffle their parents from one to the other, but when Tomiko has a stroke, everything they thought they valued is thrown into devastating relief…

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Good Morning Everyone (2012) – Japan

Year: 2012
Country: Japan
Director: Toru Yamamoto
Writer: Toriko Yoshikawa (novel), Toru Yamamoto, Kenichi Suzuki
Genre: Drama / Family / Music
Runtime: 106 min
Language: Japanese
Release Date: December 15, 2012
Kumiko Aso – Aki
Yo Oizumi – Yagu
Ayaka Miyoshi – Hatsuki
Rena Nonen – Tomo
Akira Takemura – Shigeki on bus
MAH – Drumer Hiroshi
Muga Tsukaji – Teacher Kani
Eiko Koike – Teacher Ogawa
Anna Tsuchiya – girl at flea market

Synopsis/ Plot:
“Good Morning Everyone!” revolves around a family involved in the punk music scene.
Aki (Kumiko Aso) is a former guitarist for a punk band. She became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter named Hatsuki (Ayaka Miyoshi). The mother and daughter live together happily, but they do have different personalities. A man named Yagu (Yo Oizumi]) then enters their life. He is an ex-member of the punk band that Aki played with. Yagu has feelings for Aki.

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Anand (India) 1971

AKA: – Anand
Country: India
Year: – 1971
Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama
Duration: -2 hours 3 minutes
Director: – Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Cast: – Amithab Bachan, Rajesh Khanna, Sumita Sanyal, Ramesh Deo, Seema Deo, Lalita Pawar
Many critics rank this classical movie amongst the “Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films”and also as “Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s best film”.
The story is about Anand Sehgal, a cancer patient who believes in living his life to the fullest. He comes to Mumbai to live his last days there and to meet his friend Kulkarni. Contrasting Anand is Bhaskar Banerjee, a sober doctor, upset with life and the dark reality of his nation. Bhaskar’s tête-à-tête with Anand makes him notice the colours behind all the despair and complexity in one’s life and teaches him a lesson. After spreading happiness everywhere around himself and changing the lives of many, Anand, as destined, leaves them all, which inspires Bhaskar to write a book on his life.
The film is a narrative, as Bhaskar writes in his diary about his life before Anand, his first meeting, how his relationship with him changes from a doctor-patient to a friend and then to a friend for whom he can do anything, and how a dying man changes his way of thinking to a great extent.

Autobiography [India] 2010

AKA: – Aathmakatha
Country: – India
Year: – 2010
Genera: – Drama
Runtime: – 2 hours 14 minutes
Language: – Malayalam
Director: - Premlal
Cast:-  Sreenivasan, Sharbani Mukherjee,Shafna, Jagathy Sreekumar, Bindu Panicker
The film is about a blind man with a never-say-die attitude. A character-driven story that depends on the actors to deliver rather than technical gimmickry.
Kochubaby , lives in a village and works at a candle making unit run by the church. It is established very swiftly that he is physically self-reliant with innate power to fight the odds. He keeps his life colourful by keeping alive the memory of what he had seen in his childhood before going completely blind at the age of thirteen.
The story goes that his father abandoned him just before he went completely blind. He was raised single handedly by his mother who ingrained in him a sense of calculation that is essential for any blind person to survive. He had lived doing odd jobs before meeting a priest who offers him a permanent job. He becomes an expert candle maker in no time and thereby the favourite of other disabled members of the unit.
Enters Mary, a blind girl from an orphanage who want to learn the craft of candle making. After a brief romance the two get married and are very soon blessed with a baby girl. Just before intermission tragedy strikes
This warm hearted movie is all about the positivism in the life and touches the heart of the viewers like a sweet breeze.