The Universe in a Single Atom – Dalai Lama (Audio Book)

The Universe in a Single Atom – Dalai Lama – Audio Book

As the Dalai Lama observes in this wise and humble book, dialogue between scientists and those interested in spirituality is important because science is not neutral; it can be used for good or ill, and we must approach scientific inquiry with compassion and empathy. Similarly, a spirituality that ignores science can quickly become a rigid fundamentalism. Sometimes the Dalai Lama discovers similarities between the two fields. For example, Einstein’s idea that time is relative dovetails neatly with Buddhist philosophical understandings of time. Still, His Holiness does not accept all scientific thinking as holy writ: though he is intrigued by scientific stories of origins, like the Big Bang theory, Buddhism holds that the universe is “infinite and beginningless.” The penultimate chapter brings ethical considerations to bear on technological advancements in genetics. The Dalai Lama gently suggests that although parents who select certain genetic traits for their children may intend to give their children a leg up, they may in fact simply be capitulating to a social pressure that favors, say, boys over girls or tall people over short. He also cautions that we do not know the long-term consequences of genetically modifying our crops.

AvistaZ International Showcase Winner: Ghosts (UK) (2006)

Morecambe Bay, February 5th 2004, 23 lives, 23 lost souls…

When a young Chinese girl, Ai Qin, pays $25,000 to be smuggled into the UK so she can support her son and family in China, she becomes another one of 3 million migrant workers that have become the bedrock of the nation’s economy. Forced to live with eleven other Chinese people in a two bedroom house, they work in factories preparing food for British supermarkets.

Risking their lives for pennies, these unprotected workers end up cockling in Morcombe Bay at night to earn more money. And on February 5th, 2004 twenty-three of them drowned. Their families in China are still paying off their debts.

With an extraordinary debut performance from Ai Qin Lin in a film whose principal characters are played by formerly illegal Chinese immigrants, Ghosts offers a unique insight into the shadowy secret existences in the world that surrounds us and enriches our economy.

Cast: Ai Qin Lin, Zhan Yu , Zhe Wei , Man Qin Wei , Yong Aing Zhai, Devi Zhu, Shaun Gallagher
Directed: Nick Broomfield
Genre: Drama, Adventure
Runtime: 96 minutes
Also Known As: Gui lao, 鬼佬
Country: UK
Language: Mandarin/English
Subtitles: English

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