Teresa Teng Live in 1982 at Queen Elizabeth Stadium (Hong Kong) 2004

Year: 2004
Runtime: 58 mins
Country: Hong Kong
Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese
Genre: Asian Music, Concert
Links: Sensasian

Arguably the most influential Chinese singer of all time, Teresa Teng held her landmark concerts in January 1982 at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium of Hong Kong. Video footage from the Queen Elizabeth Stadium concert of Taiwanese diva, the late Teresa Teng. DVD claims to have “The Very Best of Teresa Teng” from this concert. Although the concert is longer on audio CD, this video contains a total of 15 popular songs by Teresa.
English language songs included are: “last Dance”, Hot Stuff”, and “fame”.
Chinese language songs include: “Small Town Stories”, Sweet Honey,”When Will You Return?” and “Goodbye My Love”, a song Teresa used as a closing number at many performances.

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Lan Yu – Love 1000 Years (Chinese) 2009

Lan Yu – Love 1000 Years CD+DVD

A nice compilation of songs and music video by emerging Chinese star, Lan Yu, a fluid tenor whose voice is reminiscent of Guang Liang and perhaps Jay Cho.  The Videos is artistically done with fine cinematography, editing and effects.  The videos are artistically done with fine cinematography, editing and effects.

Release Date:  2009-07-09
Language:  Mandarin
Country:   China