Haunted Mansion (1998) Hong Kong

 Aka : Heunggong dai 1 hung chak
Year : 1998
Runtime : 90 Minutes
Country :
Hong Kong
Language : 
Genre :
Director : 
To Lai-chi
Cast :
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Gigi Lai Chi, Helena Law Lan, Spencer Lam Seung-Yi, Shirley Cheung Yuk-Shan, James Lee Shing-Chak


Gigi and her husband Fai move in to an old mansion to join her mother and sister Fan. While moving in, they meet a feng shui professor called Tin Bo Chiu, who tells them that their mansion is located in an inauspicious spot, and is likely to attract ghosts. He also warns them to leave the house within seven days or they will encounter trouble. However, Gigi and Fai ignore him.

Before long, Gigi notices strange things happening. The phone rings frequently at night but nobody is on the line. Gigi’s mother is senile, but one night she appears normal and chats with Gigi before disappearing mysteriously later. Fai and Fan also start behaving abnormally. At one point, a businessman shows up and attempts to force Gigi to sell the land to him but Gigi refuses. The businessman then sends two thugs to burn down the mansion but the thugs are scared away by ghosts. The businessman is later mysteriously strangled to death, while his wife is sexually assaulted by an unseen force.

Gigi seeks help from her colleague, Uncle Ming, who suggests that Fai and Fan may be possessed by spirits. As Gigi’s mother used to be a ghostbuster, they attempt to summon her spirit back to help them. Gigi’s mother tells them the paranormal events are actually linked to the vengeful ghost of Gigi’s aborted daughter, who has been instigating other spirits to take revenge on her mother. Gigi’s mother teaches Gigi how to restore Fai and Fan back to their original states.

Topo Gigio and the Missile War (1967) – Japan

Aka : Topo Gigio, La Guerra del Missile,  Toppo Jijo no botan senso
Year : 1967
Runtime : 1 Hour 30 Minutes 
Country : Japan | Italy
Language : Japanese or English (Dub) – Dual Audio
Genre : Family, Fantasy 
Director : Kon Ichikawa 
Cast : Koichi Fuse, Goro Fuyuki, Keiju Kobayashi, Meiko Nakamura, Tadashi Negami, Yakumo Sono, Takashi Sunaga, Tôru Ôhira

Noted director Kon Ichikawa combines animation with live action scenes in this spy comedy starring the beloved Italian mouse Topo Gigio. When Topo is knocked out of bed after a funny little man crashes his auto, the mouse is soon up to his ears in international intrigue. He gets mixed up with a gang of spies trying to steal secret missile plans from a government safe. Topo Gigio is best known by American audiences from his frequent appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Fei Tian (2011) – China

Aka : Shen Zhou 11 | Wentian I Wentian II
Year : 2011
Runtime : 113 minutes 
Country : China
Language : Mandarin
Genre : Drama | Adventure 
Director : Dong Shen, Jia Wang
Cast : Zhibing Liu, Yu Bo, Li Niu, Ruijia Jiang, Youbin Li, Gang Wu

A story about Chinese space program.
This film depicts the story of the flights of Chinese astronauts, and the film spans from the conclusion of the Shenzhou 7 to the launch of the Shenzhou 11. The plot begins following the Shenzhou 7 back up crew, Zhang Tiancong, Zhou Guan, Li Dawei. The trio are unsuccessful in making the flight on the Shenzhou 11. Zhang Tiancong’s wife, daughter and family at home are extremely disappointed. After some time away to resolve some family issues, Zhang returns to training and splits from his former crew mates. The team now includes several new astronauts of the second generation, including two women pilots. Zhang is joined with a group of several second generation astronauts involved in preparations for the flight to the first ‘space station. The training is difficult and in the final decision on the Shenzhou 10, the command decided to change the game rules, so that the best crew becomes the backup crew. Zhang Tiancong’s group are held back and another team is chosen, the reason being because of the risk considerations, around Shenzhou 10, and if there is trouble in space, the other crew should perform any difficult and dangerous rescue mission. During an operation in space the Shenzhou 10 is suddenly hit by an unknown object, causing damage to the power systems. The Zhang Tiancong team are scrambled and the Shenzhou 11 launches from the Hainan launch site. Zhang emerges from the capsule to the space station to repair and ensure the safe return of the Shenzhou 10.


Lola (2009) Philippines

Aka : Grandmother
Year : 2009
Runtime : 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Country : Philippines
Language : Filipino, Tagalog
Genre : Drama
Director : Brillante Mendoza
Cast : Anita Linda, Rustica Carpio, Tanya Gomez, Jhong Hilario, Ketchup Eusebio, Benjie Filomeno, Bobby Jerome Go, Geraldine Villamil, Nico Nullan, Hope Matriano

Two elderly matriarchs bear the consequences of a crime involving their grandsons: one is murdered, the other is the suspect. Frail, poor, but resolute, they individually traipse around to the prisons, funeral homes, and courtrooms of a stormy Manila in hopes of raising the funds necessary for the victim’s burial, and the suspect’s bail bond.
Brillante Mendoza, named best director at Cannes for Kinatay (2009), is one of the strongest cinematic voices from the Philippines.