The Myth (China | Hong Kong) 2005

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“This is a wonderful movie with a mixture of many cultures in it. Just try and admire this movie and you will notice how they merge everything together. The language used in this movie is of course Cantonese as it is a movie from Hong Kong. Then there’s Mandarin and Korean language and also at some parts they spoke Indian (I have no idea it’s Hindi or Tamil language). They also communicated in English because they wanted to potray the modern world as English is known as the international language. The actors also come from a variety of races. Though the things that occurred in this movie might seem quite far-fetched, the title “The Myth” explains it all. Whether it’s comedy, love, friendship, past, present, technology or wonders, this movie got it all! By the way, the soundtracks match very well with the movie, I just can’t stop listening to the theme song “Endless Love” sung by Jackie and Kim. ”

Release Date:2005
Director:Stanley Tong
Writers:Hai-shu Li
Stanley Tong
Genre:Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy
Also Known As:
Shen hua (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
The Myth (International: English title)
Time Breaker (Hong Kong: English title) (working title)
Titanium Rain (Hong Kong: English title) (working title)

117 min
Country:China / Hong Kong
Language:Mandarin / Hindi / Korean / Cantonese / English
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  1. I really enjoyed this movie. Besides having Jackie Chan – which makes any movie special – the plot, while slightly far-fetched, was still great fun to watch unfold. The villain was particularly villainous. The beautiful girl was indeed beautiful. The battle scenes and period costumes superb and the special effects work, especially at the end, was breathtaking. All in all, a great lighthearted romp.

    I’d highly recommend this film to anyone. It’s a keeper.

  2. shareyes says:

    I enjoy very, very, much the movie, and I desperately try to find the music , I really love this too. I am 63 and would like to find them before I die. :-)

    Many thanks if someone would like to take the time to help me. This music is a must Have in a collection.

    Music from Nathan Wang.

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