Tarung City of the Darkness (2011) – Indonesias

Cast: Guntur Triyoga, Volland Humonggio and Krisna Patra
Nayato Fio Nuala
1h 24mn

film tells the true friendship of four young men, as well as the difficulties and challenges they face life story. The Reno, Choky, David and Galang personal childhood length of a good friend in the orphanage. Reno has just been released from prison was a mysterious organization to kill David identified this group of people is the enemy before long-term Reno. Galang and a nightclub dancer Astrid has always been a contact, while Choky and a drug smuggling group has associated, he secretly misappropriated money funded orphanage for the Group. When they figure out who is behind the attack in Reno, they must take action, a snow war coming.     If you appreciate Tony Nijia “Ong Bak” series and “Tom Yum Goong”, you will be as the skill of the prop · Nigu Thundering shock. However, the recent trailer Indonesian action movie Tarung: Dark City “to show the” Chocolate “or worse than the action scenes. “Tarung: Dark City” is not only the world’s best action scenes abnormal, and the scene is quite bloody. The trailer has demonstrated the Indonesian action film strength, the kung fu movie hero of the show, both Chinese martial arts hyun magic, another Muay sharp, as people, after reading the very profound impact.


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