ROGUE (India) 2007

AKA: – Pokkiri
Country: India
Year: – 2007
Language: Tamil
Subtitles: English
Genre: Action, Thriller, Romance
Duration: – 2 hours 39 minutes
Director: – PrabhuDeva
Cast: – Vijay, Asin, Prakash Raj, Napolean, Nassar, Vadivelu, Brindra Parekh


Pokkiri is a 2007 Tamil action-thriller film directed by Prabhu Deva. The city of Chennai is rife with nefarious activities of land mafia. There are two rival gangs: one under Ali Bhai who resides in Dubai and controls the operation through his capos. Guru, Loggu and Mona. The other gang is operated by local goon Narasiman who operates in the Port areas. Both threaten builders and land owners into giving them hafta/protection money or real estate property, through means of force, extortion or murder.

Mohamed Maideen Khan arrives as the new Commissioner of Chennai and starts cracking on goons in the city. Thamizh, a local goon who will kill anyone, anytime given the money is good, being chased by Loggu and his henchmen. Tamizh has taken a contract from Narasiman to beat up Loggu, which he does successfully. Impressed by his ability, Guru invites Tamizh to join Ali Bhai’s gang. Tamizh declines the offer stating that he does not work for any gang, but is ready to do anything, given enough money. Meanwhile, Tamizh encounters Shruthi when he visits his friend’s father’s aerobics class. He is bowled over by her beautiful face, though she disregards him as a thug. Shruthi, a college going student, lives with her widowed mother and younger brother. Body Soda, is a cowardly kung fu master who lives next-door to Shruthi and is trying to win her heart, but has had trouble doing so. Sub inspector Govindan, is a corrupt, perverted officer in the colony where Tamizh and Shruthi live. He goes hand in glove with the land mafia, often helping them out in their activities. He is also on the payroll of Ali Bhai. He is also a lecherous man, whose eye falls on Shruthi and he decides to make her his mistress. Tamizh’s first assignment with Ali Bhai’s gang is to kill a member of Narasiman’s gang. However, police show up at the spot where Tamizh and the other gangsters are waiting for the kill Tamizh. A series of thrilling actions follows.
Prabhu Deva remade this action thriller film again in Hindi as Wanted (2009).

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