Purani Haveli (India) 1989

purani haveli
AKA: – Old Mansion
Country: India
Year: – 1989
Language: Hindi
Subtitles: English
Genre: Horror, Action, Cult
Duration: – 2 hour 19 minutes
Director: – Shyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay
Cast: – Deepak Parashar, Sikandar, Amita Nangia, Priti Sapru, Shubha, Anil Dhawan, Tej Sapru Shehzad Khan, Narendra Nath, Neelam Mehra
Purani Haveli is a 1989 classic Hindi cult horror film presented by the Ramsay brothers, who ruled Bollywood with their brand of Horror movies in the Eighties.
An old mansion harbors a blood thirsty monster that kills and devours humans entering the place. The killing spree of the monster is put to an end by a priest, who manages to lock it in the mansion’s dungeon. The evil monster now lies in wait to be set free. An industrialist named Kumar decides to buy the mansion without knowing the horror it beholds. Anita is Kumar’s niece who is the soul owner of all their wealth and Kumar’s cunning wife Seema wants Anita to marry her brother so that they can take over all the wealth. But Anita is in love with a poor photographer, Sunil. This does not go well with Anita’s family and they forbid her to see Sunil anymore. Then, when Kumar goes to take possession of the mansion, Anita’s friends Shobha and Anand join in and also invite Sunil secretly. They also invite several other friends, including Sunil’s assistant Manghu and travel via a bus. As the group explores the mansion the stumble upon the dungeon and set the evil monster free putting a bloody massacre in motion. Can the group of friends survive the horror? Can the Flesh eating monster be stopped before its too late?

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