Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters (2013) – Hong Kong

Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters
Languages: Mandarin
Cast: Sammo Hung, Sandra Ng, Ronald Cheng, Yuen Wah, Eric Tsang
Directed by:Wong Jing
General Release Date:28 Feb 2013

During the early years of the Republic era, in the North-East region of China, the people
are suffering from the power struggle among the local Warlords, bandits, and Japanese
invaders. Warlord Lam (Sammo Hung), is not a leader of great vision, but stands firm in his
own beliefs. The only paradise within the region is ‘Lucky Town’, the one place where no
one dared to attack as it was protected by the seven kung fu masters who have resided
there. When young patriots, Yan Fang (Rose Chan) who disguised herself as a man, and Howard
Luo (Dennis To), infiltrate Tiger’s Den at night trying to steal the code book fail in
their mission and tries to run, only Yan survives and is rescued by Cheryl. Mistaking Yan
as a man, Cheryl falls for Yan. She then brings Yan to Lucky Town and begs the Seven
Masters to cure Yan. Cheryl and the Seven Masters are then told of the secret plan by the
Japanese, and together, they resolve to fight against Tiger Den and save Warlord Lam.


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