Budak Pailang (2012) – Malaysia

Release Date: 1 november 2012
Directed:   Hashim Rejab
Written:   Tommy loh
Screenplay:   Hashim rejab
Produced:   Mig
Filename: Budak.Pailang.2012.PPVRip.Jie.Azz.avi
Encoder: JieAzz
Genre: Action
Runtime: 90 min
Country: Malaysia
Language: Malay

Pailang boy, a youth action film featuring real life boy? Pailang boy. PAILANG word here brings to the story Badrul (Aeril Zafrel) which is a evil, evil, and love the bullying. Most of their victims like charge is Rodi (Nizam) are nerdy and weak. However, Rodi who were tired of being bullied has hired a gang to beat Badrul Naughty boy and his friends – his friends.
Naughty Boy Gang Badrul being bumped excite SHE (Wawa Zainal) and started thrashing Badrul. Badrul badly injured trying to protect the She. Starting from the same incident, and Badrul She began establishing a relationship of love. Home, Badrul be more submissive and let whatever dibebelkan by maknya, Esah without any reaction. Deck because it can not stand living in poverty, Badrul began to dabble in the world of drugs and become ALEX nephew of (Zul Handy Black), a known drug dealer.
Badrul life turned into a pleasant life and rich. Badrul until the death of someone very beloved. Badrul discovering yourself and want to change, but many of the obstacles that impede. Who died? Badrul Can change the pailang leave his past?

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